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Gav’s modeling career begins with a moon, and goodbye to Pat and Ken…….

April 30, 2008 1 comment

I know its been a day since our last posting, but its been a tad hectic with visitors, combined with a lack of sleep.  Yesterday we hung out at the Knoll, and Grandparents Wettlaufer sold their trailer.  Long storey there.  Needless to say, they left today to drive back to Ontario sans 28′ Arrow.  It was amazing to see them visit over here, but after 3 months on the road, both were rather pleased to get on their way home.  We hope they get here again soon.

Today we had Gavin s(h)it for a photoshoot, we found a photographer named Carrie who came by the house to take a pile of pictures.  We will have access to those of the little guy in the next few days and needless to say we will make sure our viewers (lol) get a peak at them.  We were really pleased with her, we explored many sides of Gavin, including Backside, frontside, more backside and of course, his Best ‘Blue Steel’ pose……….. he worked the camera pretty hard, and the oohs and aahs from Carrie indicated the little guy was a natural.  After the shoot, over a soy latte and a cigarette, Gavin was quoted as saying ‘she was nice to work with, she got all my best angles’.

We had a visit from our neighbors, and Jeff gets an escape card to goto his Dunn Lumber Hockey game tonight.  Tomorrow, we are venturing into Seattle proper for a visit with Lisa and Isy Cranna, apparently she knows a nice place to get a coffee, and we are treating it as a dry run for Daphers and her car seat system.  We also hope to get mile 1 on the stroller…………….. pics will follow we promise.


Gavin meets Alexander, Grandparents, Crannas and a Curry

April 28, 2008 Leave a comment

 It was a pretty busy day yesterday, with Jeff’s parents in town, and the Crannas fresh from the Home Office.  Pat and Ken were around first thing AM for some fresh Belgian waffles, and to hang out with Gavin.  They then had to leave to get their trailer repaired, but are due back today. 

Gavin met his cousin Alexander!  We got on a webcam chat with Osler St to introduce the 2 fellas to each other.  Alex was a little dozy, prob from a huge party the night before or something, and Gavin was rather unfocused on the little video screen.  As short of an interaction as it was, it was awesome to see the 2 sisters sitting at the laptops with their boys on the webcam sessions.  It was really funny.

The Cranna trio, Lisa, Isobel, and Ian came over for some afternoon fun, and we ended up having a Thai meal take away with them.  The Cranna family continue to shift to this time zone, 8 hours behind the old world, but the youngest seems to be the most energetic at the moment.  Anywhooo, a nice afternoon slash evening with them.

Other than that, Gav was a sleeping machine, clocking something like 18 hours yesterday.  It was just super duper to see him rise and shine at 4AM………... cheers fella.  Today we are wandering to the MS campus to visit the company store, and potentially pick up Pat and Ken a mobile phone…………stay tuned.


April 26, 2008 Leave a comment

The Cranna trio landed in Seattle Friday and came over to meet Gavin, and have a cup of coffee.  They are excited to be here, and are enjoying their flat near Pikes Market.  They are off car shopping today…..

The OTHER visitor is Grandma/Grandpa Pat/Ken.  They arrived Friday and stayed for dinner.  Sat they came over and grandpa helped setup the deck furniture.  Lots going on, and lots of pics. 

Gaver also had his first pediatric visit with Dr. Chaput, and is happily gaining weight – more than expected actually – and he is already in 1 week up to over his birth weight.  Mom and Dad aren’t sure if that’s good or bad.  Gav also left Dr. Chaput his umbilical cord as a thank you gift.



Gavin 1, Parents nil……

April 24, 2008 Leave a comment

Slow day today, Gaver took it out of mom and dad, first a long night, and then a longer day.  We tried to go for a walk, but the weather turned sour, Gav didn’t fit his toque, and mom decided we should head home.  So far the stroller has .003 of a mile on it…….. all indoors 🙂 The return home was highlighted by Gav’s first blowout.  Like, this posting should be titled ‘VELOCITY’…

Well, at least someone cut and fertilized the grass. 


We are excited to see the Wettlaufer clan tomorrow, they are apparently due for their arrival, although we are not sure from what direction, at what time, or who exactly is coming :).

Oh and the Crannas have landed in Seattle, out to the colony on their posting at Starbucks HQ.  We are hoping to see them ASAP………………..






Gav and that appetite…….and where did the sleep go?

April 23, 2008 Leave a comment

So the little fella has established a bit of an appetite.  He is eating between 1 hr and 2 hours each day, but in the evenings, ie overnight, he seems to want food on the hour.  So, sleep is not something familiar to the Wettlaufers these days.  

We did get him into the basinet though, so we are on the road to a steady pattern for him.  In this video, its just a quick peak into him waking up after his afternoon nap.  He always seems to do this massive stretch when he wakes up, so I thought it would be funny to grab a quick video of it.  Its funny until the end when he starts to express his hunger ‘Gav-style’.  I usually host these on MSN Video, but they have a 100Mb limit, and this one is 103Mb :).  So, YouTube to the rescue…………….


We also got the baby monitor working, so his naps are now moving into the darker bedroom environment instead of the living room.  We hope this improves the quality of his sleep. 

Pat and Ken arrive hopefully Friday, so we are REALLY looking forward to seeing them for their introduction to the little guy……………

Anywhooo, more pics, so enjoy………

Gavin hanging out on the couch

April 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Jeff grabbed this little video of Gav hanging out on the couch and thought our friends would appreciate seeing the little guy in action.  Enjoy………

Gavin’s First Road trip… to the Doktor

April 22, 2008 Leave a comment

So with Gavin already like 6 days old it was time for a road trip.  He actually woke up this morning pumping his arm, chanting ‘road trip, road trip’.  So, the little fella was up for it.  We breakfasted, farted around, some of us literally, and then it was time for the road trip.  No wait, one of us needed to change their poopy diaper and have a nap.  So, we waited for someone:).  

Since we have been partying so hard, its been a while since baby’s had a bath.  So, the eager parents decided to give it a go.  Well, what a learning lesson that was.  Fill water in baby tub, put in baby, wash baby and dry off.  Easy right?  Yup, it was fun, but noone said it was easy……..

Anywho, finally it was time for the road trip, and the entourage kicked off the procession.  One thing new mom and new dad learned was that things dont necessarily work in clockwork efficiency like they did before the Gavmeister.  These things take careful planning, timing and logistical exercise.  On D-Day scale.  But hey, we were going like 4 miles to Evergreen for his first check up.  Mom was getting a little ‘how’s your father’ under the hood as well.  It was off to the post-traumatic post natal center for a once over. 

So, post natal lady seemed to think we were doing well, and after Gavver looked right and coughed for her, we were done.  A few tips for the Dapher’s technique and we were gonzo. The big thing dad wanted, besides some free samples, was to hear his weight report.  Yup, his weight is up as expected, hes now at 8lbs 2oz.  WOOHOO, the burgers and fries are working.

So, from there, we decided to go home instead of using the Mulberry harbor amount of invasion gear we had piled in back because one of us forgot his hat.  That turned into a ‘lets just do it tomorrow ‘ discussion, so we hung.  Well, Jeff went looking for some kitchen cabinet drawer hardware, and to pick up the baby shower gifts he had been given from his office mates, while mom held the fort.  Wow, what a deal!  The Team Jeff works with had planned a surprise baby shower, only to have it all for nought when Gav arrived early.  So, cake was missed by dad to be, but the mountain of gifts made up for it!  These guys went WAY beyond expectations in their best wishes and gifts (thank you! )…… Everything they wrapped was something we needed, especially the little overalls with GAVIN embroidered on the front!

So, dinner, some Cappy special pasta sauce, and it was pretty much bed time.  Thanks to everyone for their blog comments and well wishes, Gav-er reads every email.  Honestly, he even replies, thank god for spell check.  He already knows Shift-F7.

Sleep pop, empty pipes mom and 1 punch drunk gaver, out.