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Happy Friday!

May 30, 2008 Leave a comment

The countdown is on til the weekend. Why do short weeks still seem to drag on? At least every day is a weekend for Daph and Gav. El has just departed for destinations north (Vangroovy and then the 3:30 ferry to 7Trees). It was a great visit as per usual with a few firsts!

Gav used his new activity mat. He lay on his back and (accidentally) hit a few of the things over head. Then was put on his full belly for a little tummy time. Grandma really put him through his paces but he was a trooper.

Then the big moment – a first nap in his crib. No pesky gentle transition to his room in the bassinet. We went guns blazing and he couldn’t have been happier about it. Clearly the only ones traumatized by the effort were Mom and Dad. He then spent the night in the crib with snack time in the new glider. Whew!! 

Grandma (AKA the mule) brought some lovely gifts from the Berezowskyj girls, the Jones and the Hungerfords. Plus a cute sweater (see pic) from Grandma and Grandpere. This was all in addition to a cute outfit from Uncle Bill and Aunt Ennis which arrived this week! He’s a spoiled boy 🙂  Gav also gave Grandma a prezzie for her bday wrapped in paper emblazoned with his own mug. We think she liked the wrapping better than the gift!

  Tonight we’re heading across the street for a bbq at Heath and Krista’s with the neighborhood (neighbourhood for our Canadian readers) gang.


Mid Week, Bloggin’ it out….

May 29, 2008 Leave a comment

So Gaver is working hard, heading for that weekend, and was just plain pooped from cheering so hard for the Pens tonight.  He had a busy day, socializing with the Crannas, eating, sleeping, some more eating, then a nap, then a snack before bed.  He is growing a lot, and its a giggle to see his outfits ‘shrinking’……………

He cannot wait to see Grandma tomorrow, who is coming down for a night to party it out and Git Err Goin …….. Gav is doubting though that she will get all his duty free stuff he asked for………………..

Memorial Day Visitors

May 25, 2008 Leave a comment

So we have had some visitors, some stay with us, some just for a meal.  With the long weekend on us, we had the Motions 3some arrive, and stay for a night.  We hit the Red Hook, did the river walk, and then  FINALLY got the fire pit running on the deck and yes, made s’mores and washed them down with some wicked Margaritas.  Chris taught Jeff the Heisman, a hold known to relax a baby, but it looks cool cause Gaver flys like Superman, and he LOVES it……..oh, and the gas………wow – it helps that too.

Sunday AM we hit the Bluewater in Kirkland, where we met up with Garth and Anne for brunch.  The 8 of us had a great breakfast there, followed by a walk.  We then said good bye to the Stolls and Motions and headed to Flowerworld for some additions to the garden with the Hutton 3some and Kritsen.

Jeff was talked down off the ledge, he had his eye on an 8ft Great Sequoia (it was GORGEOUS) and ended up getting the little cousin of him, (36") we also got some Dogwood and Jasmine to cover the trellis in the back yard.  We then got home and went to our neighbor Jim and Noreens BBQ for some pizza and beers.  A slight delay getting to that as little Gaver couldnt decide what to wear, and promptly puked on no less than 3 outfits. 

BUT the little guy is sleeping, up to 4.5 hrs stints, and that is a REALLY good thing.  He’s smiling, and starting to make little noises, not quite Visual Basic lines, or French (although he does suggest at times a tad Jersey accent), but he is def communicating.  Daph swears she heard him say a brief haiku just the other day.

He is cheering for both the Wings and the Celtics, so at least some of his grunts makes sense……………..

Oh, and we had a great visit with Dr Chaput the other day.  Gav was friendly, but still managed to arc himself a good 5 feet over his head.  Even the lovely nurse was impressed with his ‘ability’.  He did waz on his own head though………………oh well………


5 Day Recap

May 21, 2008 Leave a comment

So it’s been hectic past few days.  Gav’s been busy with lots of visitors and


On Thursday El arrived for some "Grandma" time. We went for a long walk along the river in Woodinville and then for a late lunch at Redhook Brewery.  By the time we got home we were all ready for a glass of something "white".   

On Friday Lisa, Ian and Isy came over for Ian’s 40th. We had a nice dinner and the boys checked out Ian’s bday Wii. Then they spent the night and enjoyed some of Jeff’s yummy waffles on the deck.    

On Saturday afternoon we headed to the Big Brother’s on Ice BBQ at Camp Four.  A great afternoon 

Wagon’s West, and the Relatives drop by…..

May 15, 2008 Leave a comment

We had a lovely visit from Cousin Kelly and Cousin Lori today, while Jeff was hard at work bringing home the bacon the ladies lounged around and chitty chatted :)…………… Daph def appreciated the normal person talk and they came bearing gifts of food and clothes for Gav!  Ok, well the food wasn’t for him…….

And Jeff received an absolutely brilliant baby Gavin Gift basket from the ‘Urban’ family, a close colleague of Jeff’s at work.  This basket was a total surprise, and an absolutely lovely collection of little boy gifts, including a wagon (not to scale) 🙂

Chris, that was an absolute class move my friend, thank you to your family for thinking of us……

Mother’s Day

May 12, 2008 Leave a comment

Hey everyone, its been a whirlwind of activity, and admitting the blog posting has slipped a little, so apologies there.  Our readership has spoken!  People are actually looking at our site!  Well, we think the hits are from us only anyways, but its nice to think others are checking out these pics………..we hope you enjoy.

So we had a great weekend, Grass cutting, a dinner with the Crannas and the Hutton’s Sat, and a lovely Mothers Day Sunday. Gavin got mom a card, and made her waffles, we went for a walk, and had a nice pub dinner in Kirkland.   He wrote:
"Dear Mommy, thank you for feeding me and making me burp.  I am sorry I pooped on you". 
…So that was nice. 🙂

We did the 1st annual picture by the Apple Tree with mom and Gav, made some Gavin hand prints from the gift Grandma gave him, and took tons of pictures…….

Dad to the rescue

May 8, 2008 Leave a comment

After a trying afternoon, Dad heads home early to relieve Mom. Who knew that Dad’s snoring, an elephant wrist rattle and a pacifier were all Gav needed to get back to sleep? A magic combo.