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Happy Big 1 Gav….

April 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Its been a few weeks since we last posted.  Jeff was through Finald, UK and Belgium, Gavin’s little cousin Alex turned 1, and Gav almost won the first Knoll NCAA tourney bracket.  There was a judges error when we couldn’t read his picks from the Guacamole on the sheet.

Gav doesn’t hit the Big Number 1 until April 16th, but we used Easter Weekend as an excuse to have a little party in his honor.  Grande Pere and Grandma El were down for a visit, and a collection of friends shared the afternoon with us.  Cranna’s, Hutton’s and Warnocks all came around for some Canadian Beer, 7 layer dip and cupcakes.  Of course Gav showed us all how to eat the cupcake!

We started his big day with a hair cut, he officially looks like a little boy now, it was hilarious  to see his little hair styled with some product!