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Water Baby

August 31, 2008 Leave a comment

We took Gaver to ProClub for his first swimming experience, and he LOVED it.  He was kicking and splashing, and having a great time. It was awesome.  We met the Huttons there and Jeff bumped into his friend from work with her little son as well.  

Things went a little downhill after that though, Gaver has some kind of bug in his tummy and has been not eating or sleeping well.  

He managed to sleep through the night but that was most likely from missing all his naps.  This AM has been very promising though, strong wakeup, major appetite at breakie, and he is back napping again – oh wait, he just woke up.  Gotta run. 


Football Season….

August 28, 2008 Leave a comment

With mom over at the ProClub soaking up a nice massage, dad and Gaver went for a walk and took in the neighbouring high School ‘Cedar Park’ football team practice this afternoon.  I had to pop these pics up here, I thought he looked very collegiate in his cords, sweater and baseball hat…….. all he needs is a varsity blanket and a flask of ‘something’………..

It is so cool looking at the football field with him, seeing it with him for the first time, trying (in my poor football knowledge) to explain what they were doing.  He was of course riveted,….. to his hand in his mouth. 

Home again

August 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Well the trio made it home safely after a rather adventurous trip[ home.  We had a great visit with Lara, Ally (aka ‘Juice’) and T-Bone (aka Tom), as well as mom and dad.  We saw both of their lovely new homes, and had some great meals together.

We left Binbrook Monday after lunch to head to Buffalo for our flight home, and thats where it started.  Returned car, checked in, and got to the gate to feed G and get him asleep.  Then the flight time changed, then again.  That put is past our connection flight in Chicago so we got to stay in Buffalo at the Days Inn compliments of United.  A fresh start at 5AM Tuesday (2AM SEA) lead to a smooth flight home.

We also started the visits at Bright Horizons this week, meeting Gavins little friends.  Mixed emotions all around, Gaver took it better than anyone else.Heading to the long weekend not thinking about next week :).


7Trees, Cappy’s Special Day and Ontario Bound

August 22, 2008 Leave a comment

 The Wettlaufer trio headed up to 7Trees for a few days, stopping in Vancouver for a visit with the Osler clan.  The Hutton 3.5-some then joined us for several days of sun, golf, great meals and a few glasses of wine.

A highlight of the weekend together was definitely Cappy’s Birthday.  Hutts turned something like 19, so a few beers on the Sunshine (more) Golf than Country Club track was needed.  We also had a special cake for the special boy on his special day, so all in all, well the day was ‘special’. 

Other than that, the cottage was perfectly quiet and easy going.  Several long walks, a list of brilliant meals and some great BC wine was sampled before heading down through Vancouver again.

So, once that was complete, the Wettfingers (Gav fully supporting that nik) boarded the Friendly skies for Ontario via Seatac, Chicago and Buffalo.  The domestic flights although indirect, were FAR cheaper than flights to Toronto, so although a long day for G-man, we made it in one piece.  A late dinner with Grandma and Grandpa in their gorgeous new condo finished the day off nicely.

For the rest of the weekend it is Ontario family time, hanging with Lara, Steve, Tom and Ally – as well as Grandparents.  We head back to Bothell Monday with a late night arrival.

More from the Land of Tim Horton’s later………….. 































‘Day of Man’

August 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Well Mom had a meeting and dinner to attend so dad and Gav had the 1st official ‘Day of Man’. A comment from the inaugural Chairman was commented as saying ‘it went splendidly, it could not have gone any better’.

The Gman housed on his bottle and a new found love for formula.  All in he took 5 feedings of about 6oz’s, separated by roughly 1.5 hours average of sleep time.  

"It was a long day"  Gavin was quoted coming out of the crib "but we worked as a team, and all the months of training seem to have paid off.  I need to thank my team mates, and my coach, you know I am just taking it day by day , I am just happy to be here,….".  The man of the day went on to say " you know I am just working on the things I need to improve, concentrating on my focus points, and digging deep every time I step up and get the chance. "    Veteran commentary from the rookie.




Solo mission…….and go go Kirkland Criterium……

August 11, 2008 Leave a comment

 So Dad had his first solo for a morning while mom went to a work meeting.  All went well, wit the exception of 1 rather shocking incident on the changing table.  Lets just say the formula Big-G is taking is well, having an effect.  Anywho, big day for everyone, and all ended up smiling.

Pretty relaxing weekend, we didn’t get up to much, except for a slight change to our home VOIP – dad discovered a massive cost savings with the TV/Web/Phone package.  We also had our first solo babysitter night Sat.  Mom and Dad went to a dinner party while the Crannas took care of G.  Another success, as everyone went home smiling, well except G who was snoring the whole way home.

Sunday we went to the Crannas for a nice lite afternoon steak (wicked) before heading to the Kirkland Criterium, where our friend Andrew was racing.  It was really cool to see a real bike race, they were absolutely flying.  When we left Andrew was in the breakaway pack and actually leading the laps. 

Big news on Monday, we have decided on a Day Care solution.  Gaver is heading to school at Bright Horizons, a brilliant day care facility right next to Moms office.  We head to 7Trees this week for some major relaxation, and Gav is going to learn how to pick blackberries……………..


Rolling, rolling, rolling

August 7, 2008 Leave a comment

With Gav’s newfound skill comes a boat load of entertainment. Most of the rolls are now intentional but sometimes they’re still a wee surprise. Dad’s enjoying being home to witness it all. Tummy time now seems to be the preference and he’s sleeping on his buddha.

He’s also starting to get the knees up. We’re guessing crawling is still a ways away but it’s nice to see the progress. He’s even testing out this new skill in the crib. Pic is from the monitor as we know never to wake a sleeping baby. Even for a photo op!

Sleep update – sleep without the swaddle is inconsistent at best. Yawn!!!