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Still working on food…

September 28, 2008 Leave a comment

We’ve had a great weekend with gorgeous early autumn weather! Saturday morning we hit the Pro Club for a swim. The pool was considerably more crowded than the last time so we didn’t last long. We then met up with Lisa, Ian and Isy for lunch at Red Hook Brewery followed by an afternoon of napping for Mom and Big G.

Later on we had another crack at rice cereal. Gav’s been getting a little bit almost everyday at daycare. There’s definitely interest but he’s not quite mastered the art of swallowing.

Today Dad got out bright and early to mow the lawn – pretty sure the neighbors didn’t appreciate the early start. Then Mom hit the gym before Dad headed off to SeaTac for 4 days in Chicago. The morning prep should be interesting!


MMMM, Yummy.

September 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Big ‘G’ has hit 5 months, and is sleeping through the night (!!!) in 12+ months sized Jim-Jams.  He is settling in and making friends at Day Care, even sleeping there too.  Life is good for Gaver.  Well, not quite perfect.  Last night was his first ‘proper’ rice cereal dinner, and well, he wasn’t sure what was going on.  The vid says it all, it was pretty funny………


Toe Jam Sandwich, Ciao Grande Pere………

September 14, 2008 Leave a comment

We had Rob and El in town this weekend as Robin is heading out on his Italy golf trip.  The Grand parents also babysat so that mom and dad could head to the Barking Frog for dinner.  Definitely a nice meal, but we wished Gavin had joined us. 

Sunday was a walk in the park, literally, and then a drive to SEATAC to send Grande Pere off on his travels………. the rest of the day was all about chasing Gavin around the backyard…………..

Back to work tomorrow……….    

Playing hooky…

September 11, 2008 Leave a comment

As his sinuses are still dripping like the proverbial faucet, Big G played hooky from daycare today and had some 1:1 time with Mom. It was evident how beat he was after a 3 hour midday nap in his inclined crib with the froggie humidifier at full blast. Not sure that Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child or whatever it’s called would have approved but he seemed well rested after.

Such a long nap didn’t leave a lot of time for much else other than a trip down the street to the mailbox, a short webcam to say hi to Dad and some play time in the garden. We still have raspberries – who knew?

Looking likely for another 1:1 day home tomorrow to rest up for a visit from Grandma and GP!


Gavin heads to school…

September 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Well, August is over, and mom and dad are back to work.  The holiday has also ended for Gaver, as he has started attending Daycare at Bright Horizons.  A bit tricky at first – mainly mom and dad adjusting, but the G-Man is happily (well most of the time) trouping off to day care.  He is eating more after his illness, he is sort of sleeping in the day, but when he gets home its like he hasn’t slept for days.  He crashes so hard , its kinda entertaining how tired he is.  Well, it s__ks for mom and dad who basically put him to bed at dinner.

Anyways, we are getting the occasional picture from Olive over at Bright Horizons of Gavers various field trips.  Definitely some highlights in the days to see these hit the inbox!