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Gavin meets Alexander, Grandparents, Crannas and a Curry

 It was a pretty busy day yesterday, with Jeff’s parents in town, and the Crannas fresh from the Home Office.  Pat and Ken were around first thing AM for some fresh Belgian waffles, and to hang out with Gavin.  They then had to leave to get their trailer repaired, but are due back today. 

Gavin met his cousin Alexander!  We got on a webcam chat with Osler St to introduce the 2 fellas to each other.  Alex was a little dozy, prob from a huge party the night before or something, and Gavin was rather unfocused on the little video screen.  As short of an interaction as it was, it was awesome to see the 2 sisters sitting at the laptops with their boys on the webcam sessions.  It was really funny.

The Cranna trio, Lisa, Isobel, and Ian came over for some afternoon fun, and we ended up having a Thai meal take away with them.  The Cranna family continue to shift to this time zone, 8 hours behind the old world, but the youngest seems to be the most energetic at the moment.  Anywhooo, a nice afternoon slash evening with them.

Other than that, Gav was a sleeping machine, clocking something like 18 hours yesterday.  It was just super duper to see him rise and shine at 4AM………... cheers fella.  Today we are wandering to the MS campus to visit the company store, and potentially pick up Pat and Ken a mobile phone…………stay tuned.

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