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Gavin Arrives Home……

We checked out of the hospital last night around 8pm.  We had planned to be a tad earlier, but the little fella decided to get fed, again, 2x. 

So, we hung out and watched some Stanley Cup Playoffs while he got his fill.  Here is a video of his arrival home.  The little blanket resting on top of him was used by Daph when SHE came home, so that was pretty special………

So we got him home and into the house, it was definitely a change for him, his eyes were racing around looking at things.  We did a quick feed (again) and then it was bedtime.  Well, time to go sit in bed, and keep feeding.



Anyway, we survived another night (Jeff had to toast the arrival with a quick pint of Guinness) , and have had a great start to the AM, Daphers is feeding as I upload this, and later we may say hello to the neighbors.

We finally got hold of Pat and Ken, they are totally jazzed about the news, and we also spoke to Lara and Steve.  Tom actually answered the phone and said congratulations!  We cant wait for little Tom and Ally to meet their new cousin.

Anywho, need to get going, but check out the video of Gav arriving home last night, quite possibly the most stressful 4 miles Jeff has ever driven.

More pics as well………………


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