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Chilling at the Cottage

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We are here!  It is so amazing to get up here…… the pics speak for themselves………..more to come.

7Trees, and the Long weekend

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As we head to the cottage, and some down time after a pile of events for Jeff and a TON of mommy activity flying solo with Gav, we are looking forward to some rest. 


Just in time, Gav is walking!  I am sure that will help with getting some rest haha.  Anywho, a particular Grand mother wanted some video proof online, so along with some new pics, there is a vid here as proof of G doing the Frankenstein stroll.  When you see him walking you will know what I mean…….

We celebrated Ian’s Birthday last week with a little BBQ at their new swish place in Kirkland, along with the Huttons.  All kids turned up in good spirits, and enjoyed their own little BBQ.

The highlight of the spring so far was seeing Pat and Ken drive out to Visit Gav from Ontario.  They arrived last week, and as if it was planned they were here for his first day of walking.  What timing!

We are up at 7Trees now and REALLY looking forward to spending some time with everyone.  Tomorrow, Sat Grandpere arrives, as well as Gav’s little cousin Alex, and his parents.    Plenty of pics to post this weekend………….. stay tuned,.



Time to goto school!

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Gav is all ready for a big day of partying at the daycare!

Breakfast with gaver!

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Hanging on the deck

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Gav’s walking and jeff’s parents are here from ontario.

Happy Mother’s Day v2.0

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Well 1 year ago we were 3 weeks into parenthood, but now that we are veterans we can relax and kick back.  Err, maybe not.

Gav, mom and dad had an awesome weekend.  Dad did a huge Bainbridge Island ride yesterday with Hutts, and today was all about Mom.  Gavin made mom a card, got her flowers (tulips), and brought her coffee and the newspaper in bed.  This was followed by breakfast on the deck in the massive sunshine, and then it was a day of activities. First, some serious chasing Gavin around the house, followed by taking the family to Babys’ R Us, followed by Dad and G heading to Home Depot while mom had a lovely several hour nap, and finally a hilarious dinner with Gav.  Once he was down for the night, the Veuve was opened, and we had a great BBQ dinner.

Dad is packing for TechEd USA in Los Angeles, and a 6AM flight, but there were so many great pics from the weekend we had to share.  So, enjoy, and Happy Mothers Day to everyone!