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Coffee in St Remy

August 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Today we got up and went to St Remy for coffee and croissants and some retail efforts :).  St Remy is a gorgeous village, with some great stores……



Les Baux

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Thursday we went to a place called Les Baux. This place is a mountain top castle ruin, where there is a village and castle/chateau ruin.  It was absolutely fantastic.  ON the top of the chateau there was a football field sized plateau of grass and rock.  They had 5 different sized catapults, or trebugets on demonstration.  They launched waterballoons across the flat, which was rather un dramatic, but the action of seeing the load and release of these devices of war were very cool indeed.  I got some videos of them, which I will upload in the next few days…………

The rest of the afternoon was spent hydrating, in the pool and from the bar.  Also Grand Pere entertained the little fellas with some bubble blowing……..


St Remy Market

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Wednesday is the big market day in St Remy.  We spent the morning over there, which is only 10 minutes from our villa.  Probably the most impressive open air street market, wit the highest quality goods I have ever seen…….

Chateauneuf du pape

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We visited a place famous for its red wines, Chateuneuf is a village and is surrounded by award winning vineyards.






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Had a great day , everyone went to the town called  Arles,- a place van Gogh did a lot of his painting.


Just another quick video of Gav in Edinburgh

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Edinburgh Castle, and off to France

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We spent our final day in Scotland as proper tourists.  We stormed the castle, Gaver loved the Guard house and the cannons.  We spent some more time walking around the Royal Mile, which is in the middle of The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  An absolutely awesome event.  We enjoyed the people watching, and had great weather. 

We headed out of Scotland, through Heathrow to Nice.  More to come as we head into the depths of Provence this week….