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Its Duck Week!

May 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Circle Time: Jobs: Book buddies- Christian and Nisha, Calendar helper- William, Clipboard holder- Kassidy, Door holder- Jake, Light helpers- Lea and Tarini, Line leader- Jane, Lunch helpers- Anvay, Irving and Dhruv, Snack helpers- Justin, Sachi, Selin and Emmett and our weather reporters were Kedar and Gavin!

Language Works: Today we talked about animals with webbed feet!!!! Gavin started the conversation when he wanted to show our frog to his Dad. We talked about our frog having webbed feet and how duck have them too. Then we listed animals that we know have webbed feet! We read Gail Gibbons “Ducks!” which showed us pictures of a different types of ducks and we now know that Mommy Mallard ducks are brown with a blue feather and the Daddy Mallard ducks have green heads!

Handwriting: We also finished our final C writing page! (see picture!)

Art Smart: Some children finished their paper plate duck if they wanted to. Others had the chance to color in a clear duck with dry erase markers! They got to pick their own colors of what they thought ducks should be.

Movement matters: Quack, Quack!!!!! While we were outside we tried waddling like ducks while quacking around the playground. We sure got some funny looks from the other students from other classrooms… but I think it was because they were jealous we were having so much fun!!!



Immy Pics from School

May 9, 2011 Leave a comment

DSCN8483The ladies at Bright Horizons, Natalia, and Christine, have been amazing at grabbing great photos of little Immy in action through the day.  Every now and then they share them with us, so here is the latest installment……


And here are April’s


Mother’s Day

May 8, 2011 Leave a comment

So even though mom got on a plane today (front of the bus too!) to head for a jaunt to Paris, we had a chance to catch the annual Mother’s day Pic.  This year was doubly fun, as mom got to do 2 pics instead of 1!  So, below is Gavin’s 3rd mom’s day pic, and Immy’s first.



Im not sure which one is the best.  You tell me.


And mom with her kids!


Some batting practice after mom left, and G helped daddy cut the lawn….


And Immy turned 8 months……..


And Patty and Kenny drive by for a visit…….


Some extra pics from the cottage…….we took thousands that weekend.

DSC_0211DSC_0213DSC_0234DSC_0235DSC_0258 (2)

We had a great weekend at home after the cottage, and Gavin wanted to act like ‘Fireman Sam’ and help wash the car. 


It was just a few months ago he couldn’t even touch the ceiling in the Land Rover….


Some general hanging around the house breakfast shots.  We get the best light of the day in the living room first thing in the morning……


And a few highlights from Auntie Jenny’s camera from the 7Trees Easter weekend…..


The Easter Hunt at 7Trees

May 8, 2011 Leave a comment

I am hoping Windows Live Writer cooperates this time. 

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GP Catching some ZZZZZs


The Easter Egg Hunt!



Easter Weekend at 7Trees

May 8, 2011 Leave a comment

We bombed up to the cottage for Easter weekend.,  It was amazing, even though the Canucks lost to Chicago.  Luckily they pulled through.  Smile.

We had great weather, good wine and amazing food.  Auntie Jen and Jeff ran Nikonapoolza, trying to learn about our new cameras.  As soon as we watched the training DVD, out photos got better Smile.  Honest.

Immy’s first Ferry ride!



DSC_0191DSC_0199DSC_0206DSC_0207DSC_0210DSC_0216DSC_0232DSC_0251DSC_0267 (2)DSC_0271 (2)DSC_0275DSC_0276DSC_0277DSC_0280DSC_0290DSC_0296DSC_0298DSC_0313DSC_0319 (2)DSC_0335

More coming, Live Writer is messing up albums.