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7Trees Thanksgiving weekend….

November 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Everyone is now up at 7Trees for the Thanksgiving weekend.  Over the past couple of days all have streamed in.  The weather has been a tad wet, but the wine and food have been amazing.  The bird is about to head into the oven for tonight’s big meal.


It has been fun watching Alex and Gavin interact, having deep conversations, discussing world events, debating fine wine and of course their world travels.




















Fall in Seattle, Thanksgiving right around the corner…

November 24, 2008 Leave a comment

With Gav moving to full time inmate at BH, mom is sliding towards full time work days.  We are totally seeing big (high) steps towards the next step with Gavin, the dude can get across a floor like no ones business.  Esp if the reward on the other end is a book to pull in his mouth, a stuffed toy to pt in his mouth, or his fake car keys to put in his mouth, or maybe the de commissioned TV remote control – into his mouth.

We head to 7Trees for some Thanksgiving celebrations with the rest of the West Coast family this week, it should be just awesome to see everyone and get Gav some time with his cousin Alex.

G-Man is now worming his way around, here is a small sample of his wheels.  Make sure your volume is up.

Stay tuned. 

Oh, and here is the video of Gaver having his first Avocado !  At this rate he will be 7Layer man before Grade 1….

Gaver speaks his mind

November 12, 2008 Leave a comment

So Gaver is well recovered, and is cheering up from his recent illness.  On Tuesday after dinner he had a few things to say, and dad caught the last 10% of it on video on his phone.  I have tried to get the MP4 video file to render but for some reason the vid gets horked when I move it off my phone.  So, if you see me, ask to see the video on my phone and we can laugh about it.

Swim lesson and kinda crawling….

November 8, 2008 Leave a comment

Dad returned from Barcelona and the team have enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend so far.  Today was kicked off by a swim lesson, followed by well, nothing particularly exciting.  Just time hanging with Big-G.






Halloween Weekend

November 2, 2008 Leave a comment

On Friday night we headed over to the Hutton’s for Halloween. Kim put on a yummy pot of chili with all the fixin’s. And we got to see Maddie dressed up as Raggedy Anne and Izzy as a very cheery pumpkin. Gav didn’t actually get to go out trick or treating – maybe next year.

Then on Saturday we went for a stroll on the path near our house and hit the playground for Gav’s first adventure on the swings. Emotions were mixed. This was also the first outing for the gorgeous sweater Judy B knit for him.

P.S. Gav hasn’t yet learned the art of the self portrait – i.e. looking at the camera….