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Happy Birthday Gav

April 18, 2013 Leave a comment

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WP_20130416_027This week Gav celebrated turning 5, and it was a real milestone for everyone.  I cant believe 5 years ago I stood in our bedroom arguing with Daph who was doubled over (in labour) who was claiming it was ‘indigestion’.  HAHA……Its been an awesome 5 years, but I cant believe how quickly it has passed.  From that scene to where we are now, looking at Kindergarten , school districts, yet another pair of shoes, taking the training wheels off the bike, managing the iPad and TV time……WP_20130416_026

Gav has grown into a (tall) kind and gentle little fella, who has a good natured heart, soft personality, and affectionate approach to things.  He also has serious wheels Smile.  Of course daddy is taking the credit for the hops, (lack of) and the physical ability, sarcasm (don’t ask mommy about that)   Maybe some of that goodness is from being the first (and the nurturing first time, learning parents give) but we would like to think some of it rubbed off from his parents . Smile  He is an amazing little guy.  Just amazing.

He was counting down the big day for about a week, telling us (and random strangers) that next Tuesday he was turning 5, and he was going to be older than his sister.  (he already was older).  The night before the day arrived, and he could barely contain himself.  On the weekend he had stumbled on his sister and mom wrapping his presents, and although he didn’t see anything, the idea he was going to get some presents excited him to the bone.  He was so excited he was visibly shaking, jumping up and down, running to tell daddy he was going to get some presents for his birthday. 

WP_20130416_023While he slept, dad pimped out his bedroom right under his eyes.  Balloon bouquet, streamers, hanging banners, and covering his door in more streamers.  Kitchen too.  When he woke up, he was speechless……

Birthday breakfast was a trip to the Pancake house in Kirkland before school.  Of course, that had to wait so he could tear into his pressies.  Lego city, and a Buzz the size of his sister. 

Off to pancake house, then to school.  At school, he was swarmed with his friends hugging him to say happy birthday.  It was so warming to watch, they all lined up to hug him, and he had this huge smile on his face.  Jane (who has celebrated all his bdays with him) probably gave him 10 hugs….  Later that day, dad got back over to celebrate with them and have some cupcakes.  Immy even joined the party in his class.  Everyone sang happy birthday 2x, before we headed out for dinner at home.  Birthday dinner was tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, followed by a huge chocolate cake, and candles……Of course, Gav and daddy got to finish the lego build out, that only took an hour.  Smile601958_10151577559300409_647437275_n13925_10151577563670409_90194102_n

He went off to bed completely exhausted, and with an ear to ear smile.  Big hugs for everyone, and thank yous. 

We love you Gav, happy birthday big guy.

(more pics later these were all taken from phone)