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The Baby Burrito

  Well as we pass through the first 24 hours, Gavin is definitely becoming more aware of his surroundings, and has dropped right into a regular 2 hour feeding cycle.  Boy what a hungry little guy.  We had a pretty restless night, with both of us managing hardly any sleep, and poor little Gavin trying to figure out who turned off the lights.  We had Rob and El bomb down from Vancouver for a few hours to introduce themselves, but they went home last night.  Judging from the email this AM from El they made it back across the border with no issues.

Today has been great, all 3 somewhat tired, but managing to stay fed and watered.   The swaddle effect has tremendous influence on Gavin, as everything you read, are told etc says they love this position.  So, Jeff has mastered the art of the Gavin double bean extra guac burrito and swaddling may just land on his CV this summer.  

Mom is recovering beautifully, catching some Z’s when she can, and has learned the feeding routine.  The hospital has been amazing with it’s tests, hearing, Hep-B, weight, lactate have all been great chats.

Jeff caught up this AM on the rounds of email responses that have come back from around the world, thanks to everyone that has kicked us a note.  We have enjoyed reading them out loud every single one.  New Zealand (Mark Tanner), Cousin Kelly (SMS from Oz), massive numbers from the UK crowd, as well as a headline posting on our rowing Club website, Vesta RC.  All across Canada, and the US as well, both work colleagues and family wishing Mom and Gavin well.  Thanks everyone, we promise to keep cranking the pics out.  Barry, Lisa and Aoife Clarke – some of our great friends in Putney (even though they are Irish 🙂 ) had a great speaker phone chat today, Baso has already proposed an arranged marriage due to the ‘good stock’ he sees for Aoife.  The thought of ‘Uncle Baso’ just seems hilarious. (Baso I got the same camera you have, the Lumix, it is fantastic)  Oh, and we are happy to hear that Al made it to work in the Isle of Mann on his motorcycle after waking up, seeing the email news and opening a bottle of Champers, of which he had to drink himself due to his wife George being well along her own pregnancy!  Well done Albert……….

Dr. Chaput dropped by to ‘check Gavin’s heart’ but Mom and Dad saw through that thinly veiled excise to hold him for a few moments.  A welcome visit, Dr. Chaput’s humor and witty banter are always enjoyed (see you in 7-10 days doc).  We traded a hold of Gav for a quick pic with his new pediatrician. 

We spoke to Daph’s sister Jen, today is her Birthday – Mark and Jen are in T.O visiting Marks family there.  Jen was pleasantly surprised to hear Gav didn’t land on her birthday! (he was 1 day early).  Happy BDay Jen!

So we are hoping the Hutton trio are going to visit this afternoon, but count on more pics to come regardless.  We have had some question on his official stats, so here is the back of Gavin’s rookie card.


Gavin Andrew Wettlaufer



Birth Weight

8lbs, 7oz (3.82718562 Kg)

Birth Length

21.5" (55cm)


It also might be worth mentioning the funny storey about Gavin’s feet.  When he was born, they took his feet and pressed them against some stickers to get an impression.  The stickers were in a row of 4, and his feet are so long they actually stretched onto the next sticker.  See photo evidence below.

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