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Gav’s modeling career begins with a moon, and goodbye to Pat and Ken…….

I know its been a day since our last posting, but its been a tad hectic with visitors, combined with a lack of sleep.  Yesterday we hung out at the Knoll, and Grandparents Wettlaufer sold their trailer.  Long storey there.  Needless to say, they left today to drive back to Ontario sans 28′ Arrow.  It was amazing to see them visit over here, but after 3 months on the road, both were rather pleased to get on their way home.  We hope they get here again soon.

Today we had Gavin s(h)it for a photoshoot, we found a photographer named Carrie who came by the house to take a pile of pictures.  We will have access to those of the little guy in the next few days and needless to say we will make sure our viewers (lol) get a peak at them.  We were really pleased with her, we explored many sides of Gavin, including Backside, frontside, more backside and of course, his Best ‘Blue Steel’ pose……….. he worked the camera pretty hard, and the oohs and aahs from Carrie indicated the little guy was a natural.  After the shoot, over a soy latte and a cigarette, Gavin was quoted as saying ‘she was nice to work with, she got all my best angles’.

We had a visit from our neighbors, and Jeff gets an escape card to goto his Dunn Lumber Hockey game tonight.  Tomorrow, we are venturing into Seattle proper for a visit with Lisa and Isy Cranna, apparently she knows a nice place to get a coffee, and we are treating it as a dry run for Daphers and her car seat system.  We also hope to get mile 1 on the stroller…………….. pics will follow we promise.

  1. Unknown
    May 2, 2008 at 9:18 am

    Wow!  What a great picture of Gavin and Dad!!!! We can\’t wait to see the photos from the shoot!

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