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Rainy Tuesday

July 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Where has the sunshine gone??? It’s been a gray and chilly day today. Our good friend from the UK, Paul Baldwin, arrives on Friday. Hopefully it will brighten up by then! 

On the weekend we had a yummy bbq meal with the Huttons. Maddie and Gav practiced playing together. Maddie’s currently a little more into it then Gav. For those who aren’t sure Gavin’s the one on the left – with his name on his overalls….

Yesterday Mom and Gav hit the Kirkland library and then went for a short walk so that Gav could continue his nap and Daph could ogle the houses along the lake. Not much on today – just practicing our naps!

Jeff’s down in Seattle all this week at TechReady talking to "the field". It’s a hectic week but once Friday hits, he’s off on parental leave for a month. Hurrah!

Last but not least – a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our nephew/cousin, Thomas Stewart in Ontario. Happy 5th, buddy!!!


Mama Mia

July 25, 2008 Leave a comment

So yesterday Gav checked out his first movie. Yes, much to Dad’s chagrin, it was a musical! The cinemas in Bellevue have a mommy/baby showing at 10am on Thursdays where you can bring in your little ones, feed/change/shush, etc. and order snacks seat side. It was pretty busy. Guess a lot of mommies were taking the opportunity to see a chick flick. Gav did pretty well. At first he was like "Where the heck are we now?" but after a feeding and a little snooze it was all good. Dad might try a "boy" movie when he’s off in August.

Later on we headed home to play in the shade on the lawn. It’s supposed to get a bit rainy this weekend so figured we should take advantage.  

Then Gav supervised the making of a strawberry rhubarb crumble using the rhubarb we picked up with Lisa and Isy at the Kirkland Farmer’s market on Wednesday. Yummy!!  

That’s all for now. TGIF!!

Home again, Gav Walks, and take back the garden…………..

July 20, 2008 Leave a comment

The Wettlaufer front line is now back on home ice.  We returned from Houston, Vancouver, 7trees and Whidbey Island this week, and Jeff managed to sneak in a few days at the office while Big-G held down the fort, and put in some serious hours of tummy time, sleeping, eating, sleeping and tummy time.  Mom supervised with a loving but somewhat sleep deprived eye.

The old fort was a tad neglected during the road trip, so mom and dad yesterday spent several hours hacking through the Serengetti of a yard, recovering the grass with a nice tender cut, some chemicals and the most fun part – Jeff playing hide and seek with the irrigation sprinkler heads.  Seems that a few had decided to hibernate under their grass surroundings, but it was easy to spot from the brown areas.  A highlight was watching Jeff play Mr sprinkler head adjuster while they were on, who said he needed a shower?

Today is a little slower pace.  A nice breakfast of some waffles, coffee, and then some chores before we head to the Crannas for lunch.  We also might head to the Kirkland Classic Car in downtown Kirkland, where a host of classic cars are shown every summer. 

A few pics are added here from our last day at Whidbey Island, we found this very cool Lavender Farm, which was just amazing to walk through! 

Whidbey Island Long weekend

July 16, 2008 Leave a comment

The Elliotts, Damms and Wettlaufers converged on a beautiful home over on Whidbey Island for 5 days, hosted by some old family friends, the Lonergans.  The home was set off the water with amazing views, wildlife, and was accompanied by great food, nice wine and of course entertainment from the 2 cousins.


The house was somewhat midpoint on the island, close to Coupeville.  The ‘barn’ allowed for internet access for everyone, although work was def not a priority.  The gang played boule, croquet, cards (well the Elliotts did :)) and went for a few walks. 

The weather was fantastic, and several enjoyed a little tanning, while others hung out with a book in the shade.  The vegetable garden was as big as a house, packed full of strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries, and many different vegetables.  










The Great White North

July 10, 2008 Leave a comment
With Gav officially a "trusted traveller" we made use of his Nexus pass with a late night border crossing last Wednesday. We spent the night with the grandparents in Vancouver and then headed up to Seven Trees (Gibsons, BC). First ferry ride for Big G as well as a first (and possibly last) meal at Molly’s Reach. We tried to explain the Beachcombers to him but I think the subtleties were lost.
El and Rob and the Damm trio joined us on Friday. The cousins had fun on the play mat. Alex is very engaged in what’s around him grabbing at lots of things including Gav’s hand. On Saturday all the males over 6 months did some construction work on the patio off the kitchen.
Jeff had to head off early on Sunday so Grandpere took Gav for a walk with cousin Alex and Uncle Mark. On Sunday evening we all headed back down to Vancouver. Highlights of the week so far – a visit to the baby beluga at the Aquarium, seeing the Berezowskyj girls and their little ones (Mitchell and John), brekkie (warm donuts) at Granville Island, plus lunch with Jen Boon and Johanna Ward.  
We head back down south tomorrow!

Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Beauty eh!  A 77F evening set the scene for a fantastic Canada Day celebration in Bothell.  The Wettlaufer trio was joined by the Cranna trio and the Hutton duo.  Gramma Jo looked after Maddie giving Mom and Dad a night off.  So, some BBQ, canadian beers, mixed with some witty British vs Canada vs USA jokes made for a great night.  And, what would a Canada Day be without a Campfire?         

Closing out June!

July 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Can you believe June is over already? We have some catching up to do since Ted’s visit. He stayed with us for two nights (one of which was his birthday!). Jeff and Ted introduced Big G to Crown Royal. Mom was so proud.



Gav is pretty happy boy for bath AND shower time. For showers he gets to go in with Mom or Dad but it takes two of us as he’s a slippery little sucker.   


In addition to the recent arrival of drooling (it’s like a faucet), Gav is also now sucking his fingers, hand, forearm, burp cloth, bjorn, carseat straps, etc. We think teething is on its way. Apparently it can start this early even if teeth don’t appear for a few more months. 

Canada Day today so stay tuned for some patriotic pics!