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Sunday, Safeway and Gav initiates Daphers….

Well, they survived another night, it was actually a lovely evening last night with the little fella taking a 4 hour ‘nap’ at the same time Daph did.  Pops caught 2 great hockey games, with Gavers asleep on his chest.  Nothing better……

Thanks to some food brought by the Huttons, dinner was stress free (you guys ROCK).  We both got some more sleep last night than to date, so even though a few feedings happened, we managed to get some rest.  Amazing how some sleep can clear your head out. 

  This AM they got up and going, actually had a really nice AM.  Smoothies, some of ‘Jo-Jo Hutton’s banana bread (note to Jo – we gotta start selling that stuff through that Google machine, its too good to be free 🙂 ) .  So, the morning proceeded actually quite normally, they even mnaged a video webcam call with Osler st Grand Pere and El.  Then, it happened……….. 

Jeff decided to run to Safeway to grab some things.  Nothing major but the idea of smoothies and waffles seemed to tweak all 3 on the team in a good way.  So, off he blasted to the store.  Shouldnt be long mom, just sit there and keep feeding the big guy, I’ll be right back.

Into the rig, and as dad backed out, he thought its only a Safeway run, thats like what, 15 minutes?  Sweet, that’s like the time it it takes to have three fingers of Glenlivet, with a little bit of pepper.

So, mom was left feeding Gaver, and got that done with pretty much no problems.  Then, she heard it.  Sort of like a subtle thunder clap, muffled by several layers of cotton, as heard through a snorkel.  So, no sweat, lets git er done and change it up.  Mom was a little new to the changing thing (this was going to be her first) , and somehow Gav knew this.  Kind of like how wild animals smell your fear, Gavin smelled moms hesitation.  All the while though mom was smelling the work Gaver had laid down.  It’s a formidable scent… It stings the nostrils. In a good way (come on Boon, name the flick, top marks if you can point out the other quote in this entry 🙂 ).

So, up she goes to the changing station, and proceeds through the swapper-oo.  Diaper 1, off, wiped, lathered, no problem.  Clothing swapped, job done.  Wow, what was dad gloating about so much, this isnt that hard.  Then, Gav saw his opening, she had let her guard down, and he struck.  A 2 part offence, first the audible call at the line, with a buffer of thunder.  Again, the muffled snorkel noise bounces off the station, dropping mom in her victory dance.  Gav, now clearly on offence, smiling as mom realizes she needs to get a complete reactionary change done, as everything was now replacement value.  So, off the kit goes, and as mom reaches for the alternative away strip, Gaver’s lets fly the ‘Boise-State-flea-flicker’.  Arcing over himself, part of mom, and landing squarely ‘everywhere’ the Gavinator lets fly a superior bud lite 6 pack arc of shall we call it ‘liquid’.  Mom, too battered by the 1st 2 waves of assault, freezes with horror, not knowing what to do first –  wipe, save Gav from his own demise,  or flee.  The battle report suggest she went with option 3.

So dad arrives home, excited to hopefully see nothing has happened, and there is an eerie calm in the air.  It was similar to napalm smoke, but more fruity.  Mom was now in the library, resting in a chair with Gaver, who was in a suspicious new outfit than 15 minutes ago.  Mom had some shell shock to her face, as she tried to retell the story.  Dad was laughing to hard to actually take it in.

Gav was just sitting there swaddled, but was holding out a high five, as in saying ‘pops don’t leave me hanging, I just got mom bigtime’……….

High five returned, all are now resting. 

Wett out.

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