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Gavin’s Birthday in Bothell

April 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Some pics from Bothell in April, and Gavin’s birthday!



April 16th was Gavin’s 4th Birthday, and we celebrated in a few ways.  We took a pile of cupcakes to BH, lead by Dad taking Gavin out to a huge pancake breakfast, and this coming weekend we are having a bowling party.  More pics to come, there is a rumor some cousins are visiting!



Easter at 7Trees

April 20, 2012 Leave a comment

The Wettlaufers, Damm’s and Elliotts met at 7Trees for a long weekend and Easter celebrations this year. It was a great weekend. The boys were just awesome together, playing and exploring, and sharing a room.  (A little bit of playing, a whole lotta sleeping).  The girls, still young, but turning into little ladies, were starting to engage more with each other.  Still mostly playing near each other, but having fun.  The adults were kept busy herding cats, maintaining peace among the little monsters, and (for most) enjoyed some nice wine. 

The Easter egg hunt went well.  Quickly actually, if you weren’t quick, you didn’t get many eggs.  The fellas figured that our pretty quickly. 

Anyways, it was awesome.  We caught some low tides, so lots of walks and beach fun.