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Gav and that appetite…….and where did the sleep go?

So the little fella has established a bit of an appetite.  He is eating between 1 hr and 2 hours each day, but in the evenings, ie overnight, he seems to want food on the hour.  So, sleep is not something familiar to the Wettlaufers these days.  

We did get him into the basinet though, so we are on the road to a steady pattern for him.  In this video, its just a quick peak into him waking up after his afternoon nap.  He always seems to do this massive stretch when he wakes up, so I thought it would be funny to grab a quick video of it.  Its funny until the end when he starts to express his hunger ‘Gav-style’.  I usually host these on MSN Video, but they have a 100Mb limit, and this one is 103Mb :).  So, YouTube to the rescue…………….


We also got the baby monitor working, so his naps are now moving into the darker bedroom environment instead of the living room.  We hope this improves the quality of his sleep. 

Pat and Ken arrive hopefully Friday, so we are REALLY looking forward to seeing them for their introduction to the little guy……………

Anywhooo, more pics, so enjoy………

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