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Deck Photos Uploaded

November 4, 2007 Leave a comment
Hey everyone,
Well, to the 2 people I think are reading this, sorry for not posting sooner.  One of the hockey teams I play on is sponsored by Dunn Lumber, who are a long time building supply company in the Seattle area.  Great sponsors.  Yesterday a few of us went over to our Captain’s house – Marc Fournier’s place (Camp Four) to help him stack some wood for the winter.  He mentioned that Dunn might want to see what I did with them this summer, and I should send over some pics of the deck I built.  I bought all the bits from Dunn this summer, and built the deck with the help of a couple of neighbors.  The deck specs are:
-Free Standing structure
-Tri-Level composed of 4- 4"x8" beams , 16 2"x10" joists, and (I think ) 32 TimberTech composit deckking
-There are 16 concrete tubed posts, setting in beam locks
-The deck ranges from 14" to approx 32" in height from ground due to a sloping yard
-There is a ground cover system to prevent growth
-The deck top is a track system to hide the screws.  The effect is awesome, you cannot see any screws holding the deck top in place.
-There is a 48" x 20ft and 48" x 10 ft bench wrappnig the corner
-There is 1 step to yard
-I think it will still be standing after the house is gone 🙂
This was my second deck, we built 1 in London (pictures coming).  This one we decided to go for the composit material due to primarily asthetics, and wear.  The color (Chocolate) is stunning, and contrasts to the house nicely.  It also sets nicely against the green belt we neighbor on.  The material is really nice to work with, pliable, no splinters and easy to use.  It is not strong though (think load bearing, less than equal sized cedar etc.) .  There is an issue with the composite material and weight, so min 12" on center is recommended.  It wasnt a big deal, it was just a couple of extra joists to cover it.  It feels totally solid, and the TimberTech specs heavily document load limitations.
Anyways, there are some pictures in the gallery called – The Deck – .  Check ’em out if you are curious.  This was part of a larger summer DIY project Daphers and I took on, where we did the following:
-Planted over 100 units, trees, shrubs etc (it was a new house)
-Installed 5 zone irrigation – 48 sprinkler heads
-Landscaped the garden areas
-Built a veg garden box
-Installed washrock drainage
-Installed fence, and added trellace
The deck by far for use was the most important, we love bbq-ing, and hanging outside.  A million thanks to my neighbor Heath for his help, as well as to Jim for making the deck square to the house (some Pythagorean guy has a theory 🙂 ).  Others like Brian and Cappy were super helpful shovelling and opening beers………