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Happy Birth day +2, and Gavin meets ‘the Internet’………

Well we survived another night, (long) and often called the ‘marathon’ night as baby is past the birth day and has woken up to how much food they like!  So lil’ Gav was hooked up to mom for a long time, which has taken a toll on her.

Last night Cappy came by to hang out, and see everyone.  So amazing, exciting, uplifting to see a familiar face.   Well he also came bearing gifts, pizza and beer :).  So we hung out and chatted for a while as Gav fed fed fed.  So, all 3 Huttons made it to the hospital to meet Gav, which was just fantastic.

This AM Jeff blasted home to grab some things for Daph, as well as a much needed Starbucks run for both.  We all went to a class this AM, to learn about little things for little people.  Bathing, etc all covered. 

We are planning to go home later today, Daph had a major power nap while Dad  and Gav toured the Wettlaufer  friends lists on MSN IM, Communicator and Skype, having an IM Video call with Grandma El, Jeff’s work colleague Leslie, a quick telephone call with the Crannas as they ran into a pub in London (they are moving to Seattle next Thursday 24th!!).  Finally we had an awesome Skype video call with Barry and Lisa .  Lisa, its probably for the best that you put that high chair together yourself, I have seen Baso with a screwdriver :).  And to confirm my answer in the call, yes Barry, the webcam does add 5 lbs to the ears.

Isnt it just amazing that right here in the hospital lounge we can have direct voice and video calls with significant people in our lives all over the world.  You gotta love these internets.

Wouldn’t be a post without some pics.


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