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Did someone say World Cup?

June 23, 2010 Leave a comment

For some reason Gav has REALLY taken to football (or soccer).  For the last week he has been nailing the ball, and running, dribbling beautifully.  The video does some justice, but this was after almost  1 hour running around like this, so the legs were starting to burn……..



Father’s Day, flying solo for the week

June 21, 2010 Leave a comment

So mom had to head to Paris and Munich (grr) for a business trip, and Big Gav and dad were left to their own devices.  So far, we are alive and well.  No mention will be made about missing Fathers Day 🙂 (we did celebrate on Saturday).

So, some pics and vids from the weekend .  Dad’s day started on Saturday with a nice breakfast and some new books for dad.  Also, G continued his tradition on giving dad beer (3rd year in a row:) ).  After a missing car service rush mommy to the SEATAC drill, the boys survived the afternoon by eating their way through the Costco samplers……

Sunday began with coffee and pancakes, followed by an inspiring ProClub pool display by the big fella.  Jumps, actual floating with water wings, and of course, ‘bubbles’ (hot tub) was then trumped by another french toast display by Gav.  Once again, Gav out ate Dad at the table.  Home for naps, then a walk hunting for puddles – we found some.


A quiet evening, early to bed for all, and a great start to Monday, Gav cannot wait to get home tonight to get ready for the garbage man.  Translated that means taking out the trash……


This AM was coffee, snaps shirts, faux hawk and Keith Urban played far louder downstairs than mommy lets us!


Oh and he saw this massive balloon at Safeway, and well, it got added to the checkout, as he floated away……

Car service in flight literature this AM……

Happy Birthday Grandma!

June 19, 2010 Leave a comment

For some reason the video didn’t work in the last post…….

And for some reason one of the funniest videos of the last year slipped off the blog !  This one is a classic!


June 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Its been a long few weeks.  Dad was away in EMEA as well as New Orleans, and next week mom heads over to Paris and Munich (Grr).  I finally got some vids uploaded, check em out……

We have a new houseguest, somewhere on the property lives ‘Barry the Bunny’ as Gav has coined him.  I am sure its cause he is fast, not cause of the ears:).  Here is a pic of him…….


Weekend in Vancouver, lotsa fun…….

June 5, 2010 Leave a comment

The gang headed up to Vancouver for a big BDay party, El was celebrating, well – lets just say another year.  We had a great few days, and G and Ax had lots of time together.  Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate. 

Videos coming, they are uploading all day today……