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Gavin’s First Road trip… to the Doktor

So with Gavin already like 6 days old it was time for a road trip.  He actually woke up this morning pumping his arm, chanting ‘road trip, road trip’.  So, the little fella was up for it.  We breakfasted, farted around, some of us literally, and then it was time for the road trip.  No wait, one of us needed to change their poopy diaper and have a nap.  So, we waited for someone:).  

Since we have been partying so hard, its been a while since baby’s had a bath.  So, the eager parents decided to give it a go.  Well, what a learning lesson that was.  Fill water in baby tub, put in baby, wash baby and dry off.  Easy right?  Yup, it was fun, but noone said it was easy……..

Anywho, finally it was time for the road trip, and the entourage kicked off the procession.  One thing new mom and new dad learned was that things dont necessarily work in clockwork efficiency like they did before the Gavmeister.  These things take careful planning, timing and logistical exercise.  On D-Day scale.  But hey, we were going like 4 miles to Evergreen for his first check up.  Mom was getting a little ‘how’s your father’ under the hood as well.  It was off to the post-traumatic post natal center for a once over. 

So, post natal lady seemed to think we were doing well, and after Gavver looked right and coughed for her, we were done.  A few tips for the Dapher’s technique and we were gonzo. The big thing dad wanted, besides some free samples, was to hear his weight report.  Yup, his weight is up as expected, hes now at 8lbs 2oz.  WOOHOO, the burgers and fries are working.

So, from there, we decided to go home instead of using the Mulberry harbor amount of invasion gear we had piled in back because one of us forgot his hat.  That turned into a ‘lets just do it tomorrow ‘ discussion, so we hung.  Well, Jeff went looking for some kitchen cabinet drawer hardware, and to pick up the baby shower gifts he had been given from his office mates, while mom held the fort.  Wow, what a deal!  The Team Jeff works with had planned a surprise baby shower, only to have it all for nought when Gav arrived early.  So, cake was missed by dad to be, but the mountain of gifts made up for it!  These guys went WAY beyond expectations in their best wishes and gifts (thank you! )…… Everything they wrapped was something we needed, especially the little overalls with GAVIN embroidered on the front!

So, dinner, some Cappy special pasta sauce, and it was pretty much bed time.  Thanks to everyone for their blog comments and well wishes, Gav-er reads every email.  Honestly, he even replies, thank god for spell check.  He already knows Shift-F7.

Sleep pop, empty pipes mom and 1 punch drunk gaver, out.              

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