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Gavin’s 3rd Birthday Party

April 17, 2011 Leave a comment

DSC_1057Yesterday we had Gavin’s Birthday party.  It was awesome.  We had a ton of kids, and somehow even a Bouncy Castle and a keg were present. 

The Damm’s came south from Canada, so Auntie Jennie, Uncle Mark, cousin’s Alex and Jesse were all present for the festivities.

We had tons of outside time, bike rides, park time, and of course SHENANIGANS with the boys. 

It was great to share ‘layman’ Nikon techniques with Jen, we think between us, 1 instructional DVD and many horked up photos we may just become amateur photo-stars……… 

Amazing weekend. 





Immy in Action

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

DSCN8263Bright Horizons updated us with some pics of Imogen in her Infant room.  These little gals get up to some serious shenanigans! 






The Little Drummer Girl


And when you gotta sleep off a big night, just about anyplace will do.  Even next to the garbage can!


DSCN7940DSCN7992DSCN7998DSCN8022DSCN8023DSCN8055DSCN8056DSCN8058DSCN8113DSCN8115DSCN8116DSCN8119DSCN8122Handfasting 001


Great pic, but CHECK OUT the faceplant in action !


Took Gav to another Fire Department……

April 10, 2011 Leave a comment

DSC_0740We took Gav to another Fire Department this week.  Last Sunday it was station #42 in Bothell, today was Station #31 in Woodinville.  They were awesome.  He sat in about 4 trucks, got a full tour of the gear, the station garage, and the equipment.  They even inspected his Fire Extinguisher.  Fireman Brian at #42 got Gav to sit in the drivers seat and hang his arm out the window like he was driving.  It was really funny.



We had Football again this weekend.  Mom and Immy came to watch, and that did more distraction than anything. 


Immy has been trying to talk more and more, I am sure she is now saying DA DA but noone seems to agree with me.


Gav LOVED the waffles this AM…… the blackberries from Costco just aren’t the same…. 7Trees are far superior.


Time for thumpers

April 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Time to get the thumpers going!!!!!!