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It’s official……

December 21, 2007 Leave a comment

Its a big week for the Wettlaufer’s, this week we received both our Permanent Residence Cards (also known as a green card), as well as our Nexus passes.  So, not only are we legitimately off our L1 Visas here in the USA, we are also now able to travel to Canada in the fast line, as ‘trusted travelers’.

These are 2 separate achievements, just with coincidental timing.   The Permanent residence process has taken almost 1 year.  This is incredibly quick for this process to take, even as Canadians.  Granted we had some legal help with some very good immigration lawyers here helping us, compliments of our employers, but we were also a pretty simple case to process.  MS had an interest in moving us off our L1 visas, so they could use them for someone else coming to work in Redmond from outside the country, so their assistance in providing the legal immigration services greatly simplified our deal.

The Nexus is also an amazing thing to have.  Land, Sea and Air travel to and from Canada with the US now offer this process to expedite regular travelers.  A ton of restrictions, of which Canada and US residents both have different rules to follow, but nevertheless we have it and we are going to love saving border travel times.  No more secret squirrel!


Maui Week almost done…..

December 15, 2007 Leave a comment

Daph and I hit the Hyatt for our last 2 nights, laying by the pool, and a bit more golf were on the plan.  We just got back from our last round of golf, neither of us is admitting to our scores, but a few pics are added to the gallery

We hung by the pool for most of the day, and then had a later Tee time over at Kanapali golf course.  We played the Royal (north) course, that has held the PGA tour stop before.  Absolutely gorgeous course, but we both played a little inconsistent in the fading light.  Daph aka Boomer-T-Shot-

Mother-to-be had some very impressive shots to say the least.  Jeff was too busy losing his ball in perfectly straight fair way shot situations to applaud.

We have (sadly) checked in online, and are heading to the Regency room for some post round cocktails……….


More from Maui

December 15, 2007 Leave a comment

Hi guys, well, we keep enjoying Maui.  This place is gorgeous. 

I placed some more pics in the gallery of our visit to Big Beach , as well as today when we caught some Billabong surf contests, visited the infamous blowhole thingy, and hit the Maui Hyatt for our last 2 nights. 

Hello from Maui!!

December 12, 2007 Leave a comment

Well, the site has been a little thin, with both of us being pretty busy working, traveling, and of course bring pregnant.  Thats Daph, not Jeff haha. 

Well, this week we are in Maui, and a few things have forced me to post this.   Today a few firsts happened.  1. We all golfed at the  Kahili Golf course, and while Daph hammered the course with some killer shots, Jeff broke 100 (been a while).  That included a smoking 39 on the back 9.   2.  Jeff finished a book on a holiday before Daph did, and 3. the first kick in Daph’s tummy was visible to more than her and her inhabitant Fiona.  So, I thought this warranted a posting:).

We had an absolutely fantastic evening with Dave and Jo Hutton last night, thanks to both of them for being such nice hosts.  There were drinks, plenty of food, and great conversation.  We blamed the time zone for our early exit, but it would have been pretty easy to keep eating the ribs Jo had put together……………..