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Father’s Day

June 18, 2012 Leave a comment

IMG_1299We had an awesome weekend, and Sunday was great hanging with the kids.  For Father’s Day dad got to goto the Zoo to ‘see the penguins’ and then to the pool swimming at ProClub.  Good fun.

A very lucky father indeed.  Immy took a special photo at school, apparently when they told her it was for daddy she started to smile.  Then she framed it, and gave it to daddy!











DSC_0593bWe fed the giraffes, which threw Immy at first, but then she loved it after she realized all they wanted were her leaves she was holding.  The guys were impressed with the tongue as well.




…. and a couple of other gems from Immy’s class.



Weekend and a train ride

June 12, 2012 Leave a comment

DSC_0528Just posting a few pics of the kids.  We went to Country Village here in Bothell and rode the train.  The kids loved it.  Daph especially………






Daph loved riding in the Caboose on the train.  It fit her perfectly.




This pic was taken right before Immy learned about G force. 


We got a storage box for the patio, and the kids turned it into the perfect fort.  Then immy turned it into a garage for her stroller, and a music studio.


Trip to Van, and some other pics……

June 4, 2012 Leave a comment

DSC_0472So for the long weekend dad took the gang to Vancouver for some fun.  Leaving mom behind didn’t get the protest from Daphers like some had expected Smile.  Even though the weather was ‘ok’ in Van, we had some great fun at the Aquarium, Sea Bus, Osler St and Kitts.  Plus there may have been a birthday to celebrate (but who is counting).




Believe it or not we have actually had some decent weather until the past week.  Some pics to prove it.


DSC_0350DSC_0349DSC_0344DSC_0339DSC_0337DSC_0332DSC_0320DSC_0315DSC_0311DSC_0305DSC_0304DSC_0302DSC_0295DSC_0288DSC_0284DSC_0280DSC_0262DSC_0257father daughterDSC_0240