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Trick or Treat

October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

P1010913We had a great weekend of getting Gav and Imy up to speed on Halloween.  Gav was again a fireman, 3-4 time this week, and Imy was dressed up as a sleeping pea pod. Good times.

Last night, 1 hockey player, 1 kick boxer and the fireman/pea pod showed their faces at our neighbors house, but today was the big gameday, with the Hutton party on the agenda.  It was great fun except Imy decided to play cranky gassy overtired and upset pea pod.  Oh well, Gav got a run at trick or treating at some houses, and figured out the candy was a) for free and b) for him.  It was hilarious.

We had a work day party where mom and the gang came by dads office for some fun and pictures.


Sunday AM, great idea, lets carve the pumpkin.  Yea, get the biggest pumpkin in the whole field.  Oh, the skin is 3” thick, glad Gav was interested for maybe 5 minutes. 


For some reason, Imy sitting on the chair REALLY amused Gav, maybe he was buzzed from all the pumpkin in the air……


Who wants Candy!  WOOHOO……..



Reposting some videos

October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

P1010877When we migrated from Spaces to WordPress, some of the videos that we embedded were lost.  So, reposting, and adding some from this weekend.

Update, WordPress for some reason doesn’t support Fecabook video embeds.  That’s just crazy talk.

Working on it.


Almost Halloween? Really?

October 30, 2010 Leave a comment

P1010841So in case our 2 visitors might have noticed, we haven’t blogged much lately.  Little Imy and Big Gav have certainly been a (lovely) handful.

P1010738P1010740P1010741P1010744P1010752P1010765P1010771P1010773P1010775P1010779P1010780P1010781P1010783P1010784P1010788P1010790P1010791P1010795P1010803P1010807P1010813P1010825P1010831P1010845P1010855P1010861P1010864P1010866P1010873 copy

Gav has been rocking the swim classes, puddles, the bike and of course the ladies Smile.  Apparently he has about 5 girlfriends at school.  Imy, is growing, but still is eithe sleeping or eating the days.

Mom is surviving, we think, and is being the trooper, even managing to get in some baby chaperoned workouts.  Dad is hiding at work, but enjoys his daily  runs to the office with his little wingman in the back seat.

You may notice the blog has changed.  Windows Live Spaces is migrating their users to WordPress, so that is where the Wettlaufers now live.  Hope you like it.