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What, you aren’t awake?

February 18, 2009 Leave a comment

So I thought its 1:30 and 2 of the 3 Wettlaufer’s are awake in the Knoll, why not tap out a quick blog?  I got home tonight just in time to catch Gavin in his Jim Jams playing in his room, ready for bed.  The daily report?  Parent Teacher Day went well, Gavin is ‘normal’.  He also stole his friends soother, he broke into the sleeping area by using a François Toulour Nightfox Laser Dance  (Oceans movies) , taught his 2 friends to help him push the stool around the room, took 4 dumps (beating yesterdays 3) and the kicker, slept 40 minutes all day. 

So I am moving him through his last bottle of the day before bed, and it is SO hilarious to see him falling asleep, but fighting it with all his will because he is so hungry, but finally with less than 1oz to go he caves and crashes.  Oh well, a great effort.  The kid has heart.

Flash forward to midnight.  The dude is wide awake, and hungry.  No problem.  Dad’s got it, he probably wont even finish a 6oz-er.  Well, he hammers that back like a Jaeger shot on a big Friday night, and wants to play.  We dilly dally for a bit, he starts to nod, and crashes. That lasts, oh, 3 minutes.  Up again, and just as pissed.  Hmm Dad thinks, maybe he needs a new diaper.  That’ll do it.  So off we go, fresh rags, but nope.  Still annoyed.  And now wide awake.  Why not try another bottle?

6ozes later, the dude has inhaled 2 bottles like he’s Frank the Tank at a kegger.  12ozs – can you say growth spurt?  That was at 115am.  So, 140 hits, and he starts to nod.  So far, its now 145, he is quiet, but I better get another bottle teed up, that Freshman has some stamina.



Gav’s First Valentine

February 14, 2009 Leave a comment

  Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Gav got his first Valentine during the week from the lovely Miranda. A couple more followed from Cerys and Jamie. What a stud!

Last night we played “Move the chair around the kitchen” and “Super Slingshot”. Let’s just say the latter didn’t exactly facilitate the bed time shut down process.

This morning we hit the pool for some laps. Gav gave Daph a nice Snoopy card with his hand prints and a PajamaGram (exactly what it sounds like). It’s a gorgeous day so hope to take some kind of advantage of it and get outdoors. Jeff is planning to add a shed to the back garden to make some room in the garage.  And Daph’s going to head out to meet some old high school friends.



Finally the Weekend…

February 7, 2009 Leave a comment

It was a long week for the Wettlaufers.  Dad had an event in Seattle called TechReady, and was down there all week for long days, starting Sunday and had zero sleep.  Daphers was a little under the weather, and Gav, well he was a rock star.  Today he snuck out with Dad for some early AM swimming at the proclub, while mom caught up on some sleep.  He almost drooled on Ballmer at the coffee shoppe as we were leaving (we bumped into him).  As the evidence shows, Gaver crashed hard in the car on the ride home, and has been asleep since.  That gave dad a chance to update the website, and get some new photos and videos up

This is the weekend of ‘babyproofing’ the house, gates, drawer locks and general ‘move stuff out of reach of 25” person height’.,.