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Happy Friday!

The countdown is on til the weekend. Why do short weeks still seem to drag on? At least every day is a weekend for Daph and Gav. El has just departed for destinations north (Vangroovy and then the 3:30 ferry to 7Trees). It was a great visit as per usual with a few firsts!

Gav used his new activity mat. He lay on his back and (accidentally) hit a few of the things over head. Then was put on his full belly for a little tummy time. Grandma really put him through his paces but he was a trooper.

Then the big moment – a first nap in his crib. No pesky gentle transition to his room in the bassinet. We went guns blazing and he couldn’t have been happier about it. Clearly the only ones traumatized by the effort were Mom and Dad. He then spent the night in the crib with snack time in the new glider. Whew!! 

Grandma (AKA the mule) brought some lovely gifts from the Berezowskyj girls, the Jones and the Hungerfords. Plus a cute sweater (see pic) from Grandma and Grandpere. This was all in addition to a cute outfit from Uncle Bill and Aunt Ennis which arrived this week! He’s a spoiled boy 🙂  Gav also gave Grandma a prezzie for her bday wrapped in paper emblazoned with his own mug. We think she liked the wrapping better than the gift!

  Tonight we’re heading across the street for a bbq at Heath and Krista’s with the neighborhood (neighbourhood for our Canadian readers) gang.

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