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Road Trip, Grand Pere and the ‘El’ visit……

Yesterday we went into Seattle to visit with Lisa and Isy Cranna for the morning, before meeting up with Rob and El who came down from Van for the evening (and a sleep over).

We hit the downtown SEA area on Daph’s dry run, to primarily test the following:

  • Pack Gav into car seat
  • Breakdown and load kit into Daph’s rig
  • Install Gav into Daph’s car seat
  • Travel with baby
  • Unpack kit from rig at destination
  • Load Gav into kit on site
  • Walk baby in public

All were done with success, and we had a lovely visit with the Crannas.  We hit the original Starbucks for a coffee, and went for a walk downtown and through the market.

We headed home from there and got here just in time to see Grand Pere arrive, with Grandma in tow.  Fresh from a  lite drive down from Van, they arrived bearing gifts for all the Wettlaufers.  A lovely bbq dinner was had, along with (counting empty bottles on counter) 3 bottles of wine……..

Today we are out for Brunch to K-Town, and are looking forward to seeing Gaver meet his new cousin Alex, who apparently at 6 weeks is potty trained (?)


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