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The Cousins meet………….

Most definitely a highlight so far was the arrival yesterday of the Damm 3.  Mark, Jen and Alexander came down last night and the 2 boys finally got a chance to say ‘hello’.   We had a  few glasses of wine, while the boys ‘introduced themselves. 

We had a rather slow start to the day Sat, the 4 parents enjoyed lattes and cinnamon buns. ,while the 2 fellas enjoyed their own special ‘lattes’.

Today ‘Sat’ is raining, so our walk efforts might be scuppered, but we may still venture out of the house…..

The first comparison has happened, we lined up Gav and Alex’s feet to see who has the longer canoes.  Even spotting Alex 5 weeks, Gav has him by a good sized fat big toe…so things look promising for the little fellas.

The 2 boys seem to know each other, and if 1 starts to cry the other seems to feel obligated to join in.  Isn’t that special………


  1. Barbara
    May 10, 2008 at 9:07 am

    The little guys sure look like the big guys.

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