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Memorial Day Visitors

So we have had some visitors, some stay with us, some just for a meal.  With the long weekend on us, we had the Motions 3some arrive, and stay for a night.  We hit the Red Hook, did the river walk, and then  FINALLY got the fire pit running on the deck and yes, made s’mores and washed them down with some wicked Margaritas.  Chris taught Jeff the Heisman, a hold known to relax a baby, but it looks cool cause Gaver flys like Superman, and he LOVES it……..oh, and the gas………wow – it helps that too.

Sunday AM we hit the Bluewater in Kirkland, where we met up with Garth and Anne for brunch.  The 8 of us had a great breakfast there, followed by a walk.  We then said good bye to the Stolls and Motions and headed to Flowerworld for some additions to the garden with the Hutton 3some and Kritsen.

Jeff was talked down off the ledge, he had his eye on an 8ft Great Sequoia (it was GORGEOUS) and ended up getting the little cousin of him, (36") we also got some Dogwood and Jasmine to cover the trellis in the back yard.  We then got home and went to our neighbor Jim and Noreens BBQ for some pizza and beers.  A slight delay getting to that as little Gaver couldnt decide what to wear, and promptly puked on no less than 3 outfits. 

BUT the little guy is sleeping, up to 4.5 hrs stints, and that is a REALLY good thing.  He’s smiling, and starting to make little noises, not quite Visual Basic lines, or French (although he does suggest at times a tad Jersey accent), but he is def communicating.  Daph swears she heard him say a brief haiku just the other day.

He is cheering for both the Wings and the Celtics, so at least some of his grunts makes sense……………..

Oh, and we had a great visit with Dr Chaput the other day.  Gav was friendly, but still managed to arc himself a good 5 feet over his head.  Even the lovely nurse was impressed with his ‘ability’.  He did waz on his own head though………………oh well………


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