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‘Day of Man’

Well Mom had a meeting and dinner to attend so dad and Gav had the 1st official ‘Day of Man’. A comment from the inaugural Chairman was commented as saying ‘it went splendidly, it could not have gone any better’.

The Gman housed on his bottle and a new found love for formula.  All in he took 5 feedings of about 6oz’s, separated by roughly 1.5 hours average of sleep time.  

"It was a long day"  Gavin was quoted coming out of the crib "but we worked as a team, and all the months of training seem to have paid off.  I need to thank my team mates, and my coach, you know I am just taking it day by day , I am just happy to be here,….".  The man of the day went on to say " you know I am just working on the things I need to improve, concentrating on my focus points, and digging deep every time I step up and get the chance. "    Veteran commentary from the rookie.




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