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Phew……August……deep breath everyone.

 And that means Jeff’s events are over, and all 3 Wettlaufer’s are home.  Jeff is now off for the month, and we promise to make the most of it.  Besides giving mom a set of extra hands, hanging with Big ‘G’ is the top priority.  Its been an incredibly hectic few months for everyone, according to dad the busiest he has ever been at work.  So, time off well deserved.  

The plans?  7Trees, Vancouver, Toronto, Bothell, perhaps some workouts for both mom and dad, and G time.  We are heading to the cottage for about a week, and we are also heading to see the Ontario peoples for almost the same amount of time.  Both trips should be fantastic.

Today we are in Vancouver to meet up with Blaker, T and their kids Ethan and Mackenzie.  We are having them to Osler St for a proper Granville Market fueled West Coast BBQ, so plenty of nice treats for everyone.  Jen and Alex are also due to make an appearance, and perhaps Abster will also show her curious little head.  We are heading soon to meet the Blakes, so cannot wait to connect with them.  We patiently await G to decide he has napped enough, which hasnt been his highest priority lately :). (editors note, AH, there he is, full lungs blasting).

We had Balders in town for the weekend, he cruised through on his way home from Vegas.  Awesome weekend sampling Washington Wine, and of course we BBQd with the Huttons and Crannas.  We even got Paulie to try s’mores.  Most excellent over the open fire pit at the Knoll.  It was just fantastic to visit with Paul and catch up on everything in Blighty……….   

More to come……. 



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