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7Trees, Cappy’s Special Day and Ontario Bound

 The Wettlaufer trio headed up to 7Trees for a few days, stopping in Vancouver for a visit with the Osler clan.  The Hutton 3.5-some then joined us for several days of sun, golf, great meals and a few glasses of wine.

A highlight of the weekend together was definitely Cappy’s Birthday.  Hutts turned something like 19, so a few beers on the Sunshine (more) Golf than Country Club track was needed.  We also had a special cake for the special boy on his special day, so all in all, well the day was ‘special’. 

Other than that, the cottage was perfectly quiet and easy going.  Several long walks, a list of brilliant meals and some great BC wine was sampled before heading down through Vancouver again.

So, once that was complete, the Wettfingers (Gav fully supporting that nik) boarded the Friendly skies for Ontario via Seatac, Chicago and Buffalo.  The domestic flights although indirect, were FAR cheaper than flights to Toronto, so although a long day for G-man, we made it in one piece.  A late dinner with Grandma and Grandpa in their gorgeous new condo finished the day off nicely.

For the rest of the weekend it is Ontario family time, hanging with Lara, Steve, Tom and Ally – as well as Grandparents.  We head back to Bothell Monday with a late night arrival.

More from the Land of Tim Horton’s later………….. 































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