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Solo mission…….and go go Kirkland Criterium……

 So Dad had his first solo for a morning while mom went to a work meeting.  All went well, wit the exception of 1 rather shocking incident on the changing table.  Lets just say the formula Big-G is taking is well, having an effect.  Anywho, big day for everyone, and all ended up smiling.

Pretty relaxing weekend, we didn’t get up to much, except for a slight change to our home VOIP – dad discovered a massive cost savings with the TV/Web/Phone package.  We also had our first solo babysitter night Sat.  Mom and Dad went to a dinner party while the Crannas took care of G.  Another success, as everyone went home smiling, well except G who was snoring the whole way home.

Sunday we went to the Crannas for a nice lite afternoon steak (wicked) before heading to the Kirkland Criterium, where our friend Andrew was racing.  It was really cool to see a real bike race, they were absolutely flying.  When we left Andrew was in the breakaway pack and actually leading the laps. 

Big news on Monday, we have decided on a Day Care solution.  Gaver is heading to school at Bright Horizons, a brilliant day care facility right next to Moms office.  We head to 7Trees this week for some major relaxation, and Gav is going to learn how to pick blackberries……………..


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