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Mother’s Day

So even though mom got on a plane today (front of the bus too!) to head for a jaunt to Paris, we had a chance to catch the annual Mother’s day Pic.  This year was doubly fun, as mom got to do 2 pics instead of 1!  So, below is Gavin’s 3rd mom’s day pic, and Immy’s first.



Im not sure which one is the best.  You tell me.


And mom with her kids!


Some batting practice after mom left, and G helped daddy cut the lawn….


And Immy turned 8 months……..


And Patty and Kenny drive by for a visit…….


Some extra pics from the cottage…….we took thousands that weekend.

DSC_0211DSC_0213DSC_0234DSC_0235DSC_0258 (2)

We had a great weekend at home after the cottage, and Gavin wanted to act like ‘Fireman Sam’ and help wash the car. 


It was just a few months ago he couldn’t even touch the ceiling in the Land Rover….


Some general hanging around the house breakfast shots.  We get the best light of the day in the living room first thing in the morning……


And a few highlights from Auntie Jenny’s camera from the 7Trees Easter weekend…..


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