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It’s official……

December 21, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Its a big week for the Wettlaufer’s, this week we received both our Permanent Residence Cards (also known as a green card), as well as our Nexus passes.  So, not only are we legitimately off our L1 Visas here in the USA, we are also now able to travel to Canada in the fast line, as ‘trusted travelers’.

These are 2 separate achievements, just with coincidental timing.   The Permanent residence process has taken almost 1 year.  This is incredibly quick for this process to take, even as Canadians.  Granted we had some legal help with some very good immigration lawyers here helping us, compliments of our employers, but we were also a pretty simple case to process.  MS had an interest in moving us off our L1 visas, so they could use them for someone else coming to work in Redmond from outside the country, so their assistance in providing the legal immigration services greatly simplified our deal.

The Nexus is also an amazing thing to have.  Land, Sea and Air travel to and from Canada with the US now offer this process to expedite regular travelers.  A ton of restrictions, of which Canada and US residents both have different rules to follow, but nevertheless we have it and we are going to love saving border travel times.  No more secret squirrel!

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