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Canada Day

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

So in all the blogging mayhem this week, I totally forgot to post the cool Canada Day pics from 7Trees.  We all went to Gibsons and had a great holiday weekend together.  Awesome weekend…….

The kids having some home made ice cream popsicles at Osler on the deck.  Even Abbie got a lick…….



Up to 7Trees…


Check out who is off for a ride in the background…



I grabbed a pic of Gav a year ago at this same place.  One of our fav pics we have.  I added the old one for a comparison. 

Taken 7/7/2011 (he was 3yr 3mos)


Taken 6/29/2012 (he was 4yr 2mos)


We had this rain storm as we went for a walk, and then just when we got to Chaster House, it cleared, so it was Family Portrait time.  Some didn’t start out so well…….. Smile 


Some Favourite Canada Day pics, taken on the porch at 7Trees…….. Complete with Canada Olympic shirts…..


We took a field trip in Bothell just before heading to Van, this is the Bothell Hippy Family Village, complete with mini train.  Gav had to ride in the caboose, and made mommy climb in with him. 


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