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Back to School, Harvest, Anniversary and some Bike rides

September 16, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

September got really busy quickly.  The holidays ended, and every single car in the pacific NW was back in the road.  Immy moved to her new 2’s class at Bright Horizons, and Gav moved with 9 others to the Pre-K class. 

Jeff and Hutts did the 2 day SEA-Vancouver RSVP ride, and also the RBC GranFondo VAn to Whistler rides.  Both were awesome rides.  The Whistler weekend was capped off by Daph joining in the Village so mom and dad could celebrate 11 years of amazing marriage.  Kids not included. Smile  Well, they were included, sort of, but they were left in Van with GP and El.  Awesome weekend of ziptrek, some great food and rest.


Whistler ZipTrek.  It was freezing, but we had a lot of fun!

Ziptrek_17Ziptrek_02Ziptrek_03Ziptrek_05Ziptrek_10Ziptrek_11Ziptrek_14imageimageView from Big DougTreetrekWinter ShotPeak to Peak Gondola


Our anniversary dinner was at Barefoot Bistro.  What an amazing night.  We sabre’d a champagne bottle in the cellar, where there are 17000 bottles of wine.  The bobsled.  Crazy story.  When the Germans smashed their sled at the Van2012 Olympics, they partied pretty hard after at the BF Bistro.  They donated it the next day to the restaurant, as they didn’t want to keep it.  Now its kept in the cellar.  Amazing. 


Afternoon cocktails at Araxi Whistler.


The start of the RSVP with Hutts and Andrew, who was to blame for our 24mph average speed the first day (115miles).  Daph and Jeff at Cactus English Bay in Van after the ride. 


RBC GranFondo. 


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