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The Book from Soup……

Last month at TechReady, Soup (aka the gift meister) gave me a little something he had found in one of his travels (and his 200+ nights a year at Marriott).  He said it was just something small, until he told me it required an extra large luggage bag.

What arrived at the restaurant table was the largest book I have seen in my life. Smile.  Entitled ‘World War 2 Aircraft’ it is a massive 2’ x 2’ (yup, 2 foot by 2 foot, if not bigger) hard cover of over 150 pages of colorful planes, both drawings and photographs.  Absolutely awesome.

Soup you are a great friend.  Thank you.  The book comes out every day at our house when the kids get home, one of Immy’s  firsts word is ‘AIRPLANE’ and Gav is mesmerized by all the different types, colors, flags and shapes.  Personal fav’s of his are the Spitfire, and ‘the one that landed on the beach’…….

And mom and dad?  Well, I may actually just add some legs to the book and make it an actual coffee table book.  Smile

Thanks fella, well played.


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