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Spring is Springing

As we crawl out of  Winter, the weather barely allowing any hint of an end, the kids are continuing to hammer away with boundless energy.  Spring soccer (football) started, and Immy is officially in her own class this round.  She_loves_it.


Gav loves to read, he always has.  One day at daycare pickup I caught him off on his own listening to an audio book.  It was so cool to see him so engaged in the book.  All the other kids were playing across the room with toys, but there he was.  Awesome.


Immy is really turning into a little (ahem) girl.  Like Gav, she loves the ‘buggy’ at Safeway.  One day last week I took her alone with me, and she got to pilot one solo.


Soccer season has started.  Immy even got her own jersey.  These pics were taken with the phone, so pardon the quality.


Today I picked u Gav and he had taken in his bear.  It ended up rather oddly placed.  Then as we awaited mom in the lobby the team chowed down on their snack.



We got out for a Sunday walk with the Huttons, and enjoyed the weather.  The kids even managed to stay on their bikes……


Lounging around the house……..


The many faces of Immy……..


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