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Visit to Vancouver, Children’s Festival and Canucks in the Stanley Cup

DSC_0228Hey everyone, we spent the weekend up in Vancouver with all the west coast family this past weekend.  The boys chased each other around the city, Gav got on the Aquabus, and we enjoyed some great times at Granville Island.

Children’s Festival – Gav was so popular, he even made it onto the Vancouver Global TV News.



kids festival 2kids festival 1


El’s Birthday – While noone was counting, Ax’s choice of Ice Cream cake was well received.  SO were the steaks, and amazing wine…


Living Room Shenanigans with the girls – the girls are beginning to at least play close to each other by hanging around in the same vicinity.


The weather was amazing, and the boys blew a bunch of gaskets working hard in the backyard.


It felt like summer EVERYONE was out in the sun…….


We hit Kits Beach and the kids jammed it hard in the brand new playground there.


More Osler Street antics……


Gavin kicked off his annual ‘Tour de Green Thumb and Pee in the garden’ tour with Gramma El.  They planted, overwatered, and dug up for what seemed like far too long for the amount of garden work that was achieved…….


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