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Gavin’s Wednesday

Them bones, them bones, them dry bones! We are having a great time this week learning about how important it is to eat a variety of food from each food group.

Remember that tomorrow is Thursday and we have Show and Tell. please make sure that your child has something to bring for sharing!  Thanks!  We have included our schedule for this:























Circle Time: Jobs: Line leader- Kassidy, Door holder- Gavin, Snack helpers- Selin, Justin, Emmett, Calendar helper- Lea, Clipboard holder- Christian, Lunch helpers- Jeremy, William and Anika, Weather reporter- Nisha, Bag holder- Vedant, Light helpers were Irving and Jane!

Language Works: Today we read The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza. This is a great story retold to modern days, The hen tries many times to get the help of her friend to help her make a pizza. In the end they eat and help her clean up! This was a great opportunity to discuss pitching in to help others and how many hands make light the work. Taryn introduced our next letter, U. It was great fun as TWO children in our class have one in their first name! We will be working on the letter T for the rest of the week, but got a leg up today!

Well Aware: One of my favorite shows growing up was School House Rocks! It was a Saturday morning educational commercial. We had the opportunity to watch one of my favorites today..Them Dry Bones. We learned about our bones and how they are connected in our bodies. As it was a short segment and everyone wanted to see it again, we viewed it twice!

Math Counts: Did happen to really look at today’s menu? Did you notice that every meal and snack has a fruit? In conjunction with our food groups study, we are charting our fruit and vegetable intake today. Using marker colors that match the fruit or vegetable we consumed, the children either drew the food or some representation of it. Before lunch we discussed what was on the menu and how we need to eat 5 servings of the anytime foods everyday to keep our bodies healthy. (Everyone had at least two servings of Green Beans at lunch!!) Yumm..

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