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Gavin’s Wednesday

Hello Everybody!!
It’s been yet another busy day in the classroom. Here’s what we did today!:
Morning: The kids were really mellow this morning. Coloring St. Patrick’s Day themed pictures with the markers, the squishy frogs, the stacking cups, legos, puzzles and making lattes and cappuccinos with the coffee machine were the popular activities.  If only the cappuccinos were real…
Outside: The first instruction the kids were given was to go stand in the sunshine and soak up some vitamin D!! We all did a happy dance for the sun, then we began our usual outdoor activities. We practiced our soccer skills by using only our feet to touch the bouncy balls, we played chase and peek a boo, we climbed up on the playground and jumped off either by ourselves or to a teacher. We also looked for bugs and actually found some flies. We explored the marble maze, and made music with the xylophone. The kids were really into pretending they were leaving Lauren and I too. I think it’s just because we’re really good at fake crying though =]
Circle Time: As we came inside and the kids were taking their coats off we played a video of an Irish step dancing performance. The kids were totally entranced! We asked them to try moving their feet as fast as the dancers and they totally went to town! Then we cranked some traditional Irish dancing music and had our own step dancing party. The kids loved it! Once the song was over we found a spot to sit and sang our usual songs. We talked about the day of the week and did a happy dance for the sunny weather. Then we read the first half of "A Fine St. Patrick’s Day." It’s a long story and lunch arrived, so we’ll probably finish it this afternoon or tomorrow.
Art Smart!: After nap the kids had the opportunity to use green and orange paint to paint their paper. We switched things up a bit by having the kids put tape all over their papers then encouraging them to peel the tape off when they were done painting. Picking the tape off the table is a fantastic way to encourage pincher grips! They loved getting to peel the tape off and checking out the patterns on their papers afterwards.
Ok, kids are wakin’ up. Gotta go! We will see you all later!!

❤ Lauren & Debbie

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