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Gain’s Tuesday

Good Afternoon everyone!  We are having such a great day today.  We can’t believe we are half way through March already but are so happy that SPRING is almost here!  Here’s what we’ve been up to today…..

Early Morning:  Holy cow. What a busy morning!! It didn’t take much time for anything over 6 inches to be turned into a baseball bat or a hockey stick, or anything hand held and circular to be turned into a baseball or hockey puck. The kids had a blast throwing and rolling the O balls around the room and spent tons of time cooking in the kitchen area and pretending to feed anything with a mouth. Building with the wooden blocks was popular this morning too =]
Large Motor: The kids took their time devouring the yogurt and granola for snack this morning, so we were in a time crunch with music class at 10:30. Solution? Run laps around the classroom, throw O balls around, build big towers and knock them over, clean them up, repeat process. Oh, and crank some Raffi and shake our sillies out. All that on top of music class seemed to do the job as all the kids went down really easy for nap today.  We will venture outside rain or shine this afternoon and continue our quest for green things, climbing, and chasing each other around. We may attempt flying the kite again if it’s windy enough too! 
Circle Time: We sang about putting the toys away so it actually happened, then sang about finding a spot for our tushies, then signed "The More We Get Together" as everybody got situated. We sang "Days of the Week" and I tried counting the 15 days of March in Spanish, but the kids looked at me like I had officially lost it, so we counted in English instead. We decided that today was a cloudy day, then we read "Go Away Big Green Monster!" and "Green Eggs and Ham." The kids really enjoyed getting to yell "Go away" at the monster and telling Sam that they do not like green eggs and ham.
Art Smart!: After nap the kids had the opportunity to create their own by sponge painting some coffee filters green. Once they dry, we’ll pinch them together to make a shamrock then plant them in cups with green pipe cleaners and brown tissue paper for dirt.
Hope everybody is accomplishing whatever needs to be done today so you can relax later.

Much Love,
❤ Lauren & Debbie

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