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Gavin’s Monday

It’s been a pretty quiet start to the week, and trust me, we’re not complaining about that at all =]  This week in class we’ll be talking more about luck, as well as St. Patricks Day and Green! Here’s the trouble we got ourselves into today:

Morning: As the kids entered the classroom they were offered an activity of their choice. This morning the kitchen area was very popular. We also took out the pegs and the bright builders. The kids had a blast trying to build the tallest towers ever and matching the pegs to the holes at a 1:1 ratio then pretending it was a birthday cake!  Everybody’s eyes got wide as Lauren walked in holding bags full of gadgets, green things, and some new puzzles for the kids. Naturally, those activities were very popular this morning too =)
Outside: We noticed that it was raining during snack time, but we agreed to venture outside anyway since it wasn’t that bad out. The kids had lots of fun chasing each other around playground, exploring the puddles, kicking and throwing the bouncy balls around, and climbing on whatever they could climb onto then jump off of. We made it about 20 minutes before it started pouring down rain on us, so we came back inside, ditched our wet jackets and did some yoga. We also turned on some of the new favorite songs and danced.
Circle Time: We came together with the "Grab A Seat" song and signing "The More We Get Together." After that some of the kids were still pretty squirmy so we sang "Shake your Sillies Out" and did precisely that. Then we sang our usual songs to discuss the day of the week, the month, the season (Spring is so close!) and the weather. Then we talked more about the upcoming Holiday and our theme for the week. After that Ms. Lauren had an activity for the kids to help with. There were a bunch of pictures in a bag and each of the kids got to have a few turns picking a picture out of the bag and placing in either the "Green" or "Not Green" section. Naturally the kids did fantastic =]. They loved figuring out what all the pictures were too.
Art Smart!: After nap the kids had the opportunity to paint with sparkle paint and green. We also threw in some pre-reading/writing skills and had the kids pick out their names and glue their green letters onto their paper.  
Hope everybody is have an easy transition into yet another week. We will see you all later!

Much Love,

Debbie & Lauren

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