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Gavin’s Thursday

Hello Two’s 4 parents!  The week is winding down.  We’ve really enjoyed our week and hope all you have as well.  Here’s what we did today…..

Morning: The kids ate a nice breakfast of rice crispies and orange slices and then went right into free choice time.  Some kids built with blocks, others in the kitchen area, and a big hit was the Barrel of Monkeys!  We really like linking them all together and wearing them as "earrings".  It was a very busy morning!!

Outside:  It was a VERY typical Seattle day today.  It was first sunny, so we got our jackets on went outside.  Then, it got really windy and started to rain!!  Before we could even all get gathered by the door to go back into the classroom it stopped and out came the sun again!  But 5 minutes later we were back to rain and wind and yet then back to sun right after that!!  MAKE UP YOUR MIND MOTHER NATURE!  :)  Despite the changes in weather, we played some soccer, bounced on the hippity hop, and threw leaves up into the air and watched how far the wind took them! 

Circle Time:  We all grabbed a seat and talked about the importance of taking care of and respecting BOOKS!  We’ve had a lot of book abuse cases recently and a a few of our books are done for so today we talked about books are not for stepping on, tearing, throwing or even eating but only for READING!  :)  Then we sang "Day’s of the Week" and "What’s the (crazy) Weather??" We also sang the Leprechaun song and talked about lucky charms and why people might keep a lucky charm.

Art: After nap the kids had the opportunity to decorate their own lucky charm with glitter, tissue paper, and other random odds and ends. We used Elmers glue to attach everything to our papers, so be prepared for glue covered kids upon pick up today =]
Hope everybody’s day is going well! We will see you this afternoon!
❤ Lauren & Debbie

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