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Gavin’s Friday

Happy Friday!!!
Morning: As the kids entered the room they were offered their choice of an activity. This morning reading books with Ms. Theresa was quite popular. We also worked on our pre-math skills by sorting the foam shapes. The kids were eager to help clean out the sensory table and fill it with Lucky Charms too. The kids had a blast picking out all the different lucky charms, asking questions about them, collecting them, and scooping them up in the measuring cups.
Outside: Before heading outside this morning we talked about different things that are green. So once we got outside, we looked for anything the same color as a shamrock. The kids pointed at the playground structure, the trees, the grass, even the little flecks of green in the squishy ground. They were so into it! We also worked on our soccer skills and using our feet instead of our hands to move the ball around. The kids had a blast with the bouncy hops and worked on taking turns with that as well as taking turns with jumping off the playground. We have quite a few dare-devils in here! Thankfully, they’re all pretty good at landing on their feet!
Circle Time: We sang "The More We Get Together" as everybody found a spot for their bums. We sang the usual songs to discuss the day and the weather. We did a happy dance for Friday too =). Then we sang a few different versions of "I’m a little Leprechaun" and the Shamrock song and read a bit more into "Lucky." 
Art/Fine Motor: After nap the kids had the opportunity to use crayons to color in a picture of clovers or a leprechaun. We used green and orange because those are Irish colors and encouraged the kids to color inside the lines. 
Have a fantastic weekend everybody!
Much Love,
❤ Lauren & Debbie

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