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Gavin’s Wednesday

Hello Everybody!!

The day picked up quick after breakfast. The whole class was here by 9:30! This morning the kids spent lots of time exploring everything they could get their hands on.The nuts and bolts manipulative, baby dolls, cooking in the kitchen area and flipping through books from the shelf were popular activities. There was also much hugging and cuddling of the teachers. Which we love.
As we sat down for snack we noticed the monsoon-like rain dripping on the windows. We tried waiting it out, but no such luck. So we resorted to other large motor activities and decided to TP the classroom!! The kids had a blast unrolling the toilet paper and dragging it around the room. We waved it like ribbon wands, kicked it, threw it, rolled it up in to balls, walked on it, collected it. Who knew toilet paper could be so much fun?! We turned up some techno music and had the kids dance like rock stars and wave the TP all over. It was a blast. And a work out!
We all came together for circle time with “The More We Get Together” then everybody jumped ahead of the game and hollered that it was a rainy day. After that we talked about the day and month and counted the days we’ve had so far. Then we talked about how rainbows are said to bring good luck if you see one and read “What makes Music” because there’s a rainbow in the book. We also sang “I’m a little Shamrock!” and listened to “Rainbow Connection” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
After nap the kids were given red, yellow, and blue paint to make their own rainbows with. We encouraged the kids to carefully mix the primary colors in order to make the secondary colors to complete their rainbows.  =)
We will see you all this afternoon!
❤ Debbie & Lauren

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