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Gavin’s Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Parents!  We are in full swing in the classroom and everyone is finding their groove.  Here’s what we’re doing today…

Morning:  Everyone came in a settled into activities.  Kids were offered scrambled eggs and English muffins for breakfast.  Then our little "bumble bee’s" were buzzing about the classroom just busy, busy, busy!!  We played with connectors, some kids looked at books, and even whipped up a "breakfast" of our own in the kitchen area.  All in all, a great morning was had by all!

Music/Movement:  Since today is our music day we didn’t go outside this morning but we still got our wiggles out and even did some tumbling and tickling to get the giggles out.  Then it was off to music!! We had kind of a country theme as we sang about different farm animals (minus the fish that kissed) and vegetables. We all got to ribbon dance to a different "Ants in your Pants" song and play a wash board and spoons! Lucy got to spend one on one time with Lauren and played in the sensory table using the baster to suck up water and squeeze it out.  Oh, and for the record, we definitely plan on going outside this afternoon =]

Circle Time:  We sat down by singing our favorite Raffi hit, "The More We Get Together" and went over the day of the week and that it was another grey day.  St. Patrick’s Day is approaching so we are using this week to learn about Luck!  We talked about how luck brings good things our way and that we are lucky to have a house, mommies and daddies, jackets, and even our shoes!  We also read a story about a Crane named "Luck"!

Art: Since we’ve been talking about luck we thought it’d be appropriate to paint a shamrock! We talked about the difference between a shamrock (four leaves) and a clover (three leaves) and used paint scrapers to push the paint around their papers. 
We will see you all this afternoon! Hope the day is going well =]

Much Love,
Lauren & Debbie

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